The 90 best iPad apps

73. iColorama


iColorama is all about giving your images a surreal graphical twist
  • Price: $2.99/£1.99

Aimed at people interested in enhancing their photos or drawings and converting them in amazing pieces of art, iColorama features an enormous range of effects, from simple adjustments through to complicated mathematical transforms, as well as over 400 brushes for painting directly onto your images.

74. HootSuite for Twitter

Hootsuite for Twitter

HootSuite: looking a bit like TweetDeck has been repeatedly hit by a reverse ugly stick
  • Price: Free

Although Tweetbot is a first-rate Twitter app, it's perhaps most geared towards people who only regularly work with a single feed. If you've multiple feeds and could also do with managing Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, HootSuite's worth a look, thinks Dahlstrom: "The more people or topics you follow, the more useful HootSuite is for keeping on top of it all. It's the kind of app that works really well with a touch-based interface - interacting with your different streams is easier when using swiping gestures instead of a mouse cursor."

75. OmniGraffle 6

OmniGraffle 6

You might choke on the price-tag, but OmniGraffle will get the last laugh when you're using it daily
  • Price: £79.99

"OmniGraffle was the first app that made me wish that there was a really large version of the iPad," jokes Dahlstrom on the charting and wireframing tool. "I use it quite a bit for work, particularly in the early phases of a project when we define the overall strategy and experience across platforms and channels. It's a joy to use and great for being able to get really hands-on and up close with the objects that you manipulate on the screen." Unfortunately Omni recently withdrew the outdated iPad version of OmniGraffle from the App Store; the good news is that a new version is in development. In the meantime, if you have version 2 of OmniGraffle for iPhone, you can run that on your iPad.

76. Keynote

Best ipad apps: Keynote

Keynote laughs in PowerPoint's face - PowerPoint's comparatively pixelated face. (Keynote's got Retina support, see?)
  • Price: $11.54/£7.99

"Keynote is another example of an iPad app that makes working and manipulating objects on it a breeze," says Dahlstrom of Apple's presentation tool. "Adding animations is simple and it's a great tool to have in your bag, quickly allowing you to put a presentation or prototype together, or just to show a presentation, for that matter."

77. 1Password for iPad


Handy hint for 1Password for iPad - don't set your master password as 'password'
  • Price: Free

It's all very well doing the right thing and coming up with insanely complex passwords for website log-ins, but they're then extremely tough to remember. 1Password provides the means to log-in to websites with a single tap and store information you don't want others chancing across. "It's one of the few apps I can't live without, storing all my sensitive information in one place but syncing across multiple devices," enthuses freelance designer John A Jacob.

78. Penultimate

Best ipad apps: Penultimate

Penultimate might sound like a rubbish biro superhero, but it's in fact a spiffy iPad note-taking app
  • Price: Free

While lacking the natural media input of Paper, Penultimate is nonetheless an excellent note-taking and sketching app. The feel of the tools is surprisingly tactile, and you can add new paper types(for gaming, music notation, and so on) via IAP or install your own custom designs. "It's my go-to app whenever I need to take notes or quickly sketch something," says Jacob. "It's extremely easy to use and, importantly, you can save to Dropbox and resume work from another device."

79. ColorStrokes HD for iPad

Best ipad apps: ColorStrokes

Colorstrokes HD is optimized for iPad and iPad Mini
  • Price: $2.99/£1.99

Remember our step-by-step tutorial that taught you how to add colour to a monochrome image? Well, this iPad app does exactly that. ColorStrokes HD lets you put colour back into your black-and-white photos from the comfort of your tablet.

You can do this in three ways. You can import your photo in grayscale, then use the Color tab to put the original colour back into the photo. Or, you can do the opposite; go colour to begin with and then use the grayscale feature to remove the colour. Finally, you can add colour to your photo that was never there to start with using the paint tab, where you can choose from 22 different colours.

There are several levels of adjustment for everything from brush size to grayscale hue, and you can add an Instagram-style effect to the image once you have finished editing it. You also have the usual options to share your masterpiece via email or social media.

80. iMockups

Best ipad apps: iMockups

iMockups is a genuinely useful tool for web designers
  • Price: $6.99/£4.99

iMockups enables UI designers to quickly create wireframe mockups for websites and apps. There are iPhone and iPad templates, and you drag page elements such as tabs, text areas and images to the workspace from the sidebar, and resize them to create your mockup.

Created exclusively for the iPad, iMockups is simple to use but has all the functionality that creative professionals need. If you're a website or app designer who creates wireframes, this is well worth looking into.

81. FxCamera

Best ipad apps: FxCamera

FxCamera allows you to record a voice caption for your photos and share it on Facebook
  • Price: Free

This free photography and photo-effects app has one very special feature. 'Voice Picture' enables you record a voice message at the same time as you are taking photos. This is done via the on-screen shutter button which, when swiped to the right and held down, allows you to create a kind of spoken caption for your image. You can even share Voice Pictures on Facebook through FxCamera.

Of course, FxCamera offers much more than Voice Picture. There is a variety of camera effects to choose from including vintage, fisheye, and symmetrical, and you can use it as a normal camera and improve your images with its auto enhance feature. On top of this there are several post-processing effects to choose from, in the familar style of Instagram and other camera apps.

82. Book Creator

Best ipad apps: Book Creator

Book Creator for iPad allows you to simply make an interactive ebook
  • Price: Free

Book Creator for iPad allows you to place text, videos, audio and images in a book layout, which can be exported to read in iBooks or even sold in the iBookstore. It uses the ePub standard, so the books will even be compatible with other reading software, and will be supported in the future. Create your first book for free, while an in-app purchase enables unlimited books.

Book Creator is nowhere near as professional a tool as iBooks Author, but as a simpler, more beginner-friendly way of creating books, it's carved out its own niche. And it's perfect for picture books, or something similarly focused on media, rather than text.

83. Unstuck

Best iPad apps: Unstuck

Face every challenge life throws at you with Unstuck
  • Price: Free

If you're ever facing one of life's challenges, iPad app Unstuck may be able to help. Unstuck offers up personalized digital tools and community to help you get from stuck to unstuck, no matter what the challenge may be.

First is helps you figure out why your stuck, work, home, etc. Then it identifies the type of stuck moment you're having and offers tried and tested tricks and tips to solve it. Genius!

84. Retromatic 2.0

Best ipad apps: Retromatic 2.0

The vintage editing app is quick and easy to use
  • Price: $1.99/£1.49

1950s-inspired iPad app Retromatic enables you to import your photos, cut them out using an instant alpha tool, and then apply vintage effects to them. It’s a basic tool, but it's quick and easy to use.

Once imported, you can apply one of 18 (similar) filters and add one of 14 backgrounds. You can also add text (limited to iOS fonts only) and also a variety of eclectic clip art.

85. Repix

Best iPad apps: Repix

Repix lets you 'paint' filter effects onto your images
  • Price: Free

The problem with filters in many photo editors is that you're required to apply it to the whole image, or spend an age creating precise selections. This iPad app attempts to overcome this by letting you 'paint' filter effects onto your images to create brilliant effects.

A choice of nine brushes run along the bottom of the screen; they range from artistic effects such as Posterize and Charcoal to more creative effects such as Halftone patterns and Ink splats. There's also an eraser and an 'undoer' brush.

86. 123D

Best iPad apps: 123D

Create a creature with bones and print your very own 3D print!
  • Price: Free

Autodesk's first paid-for iPad app gives you a lump of virtual clay that you can pinch, pull, stretch and smooth into various shapes, and then paint with colour or photographic texture. If you think that sounds an awful lot like Autodesk's other iPad app, 123D Sculpt, you’d be right. Except for one important difference: this Creature has bones.

Saving an image isn't the only possibility: you can export a 3D model and email it to yourself (it will appear as an .OBJ file, complete with textures); or you can get your figure 3D printed for ust under €12 for a model 77mm high.

87. GoldfrApp

best ipad apps for designers

Goldfrapp released the app to celebrate their sixth studio album
  • Price: $0.99/£0.69

Released by electronic music duo Goldfrapp in anticipation of the release of their sixth studio album, Tales Of Us, GoldfrApp: Tales of Us is an app that combines two of your photos using the 'double exposure' photography technique; creating an illusory joint image. Images created can then easily be saved to your camera roll and shared with friends via email, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

88. iFontMaker

As the name suggests, this app is for creating typography of your own

  • Price: $6.99/£4.99

Actually creating typefaces and fonts on an iPad might seem like an odd thing to do, but iFontMaker by Eiji Nishidai provides a straightforward interface for hand-drawn efforts that can subsequently be emailed or converted into a TTF file. In getting you away from standard tools and on to your iPad, there's also scope for 'thinking different', so to speak.

89. Dubble

  • Price: Free

There's nothing like a cool bit of creative collaboration, but what if you can't find a pal to make beautiful things with? Dubble provides a splendidly random solution to this problem. It pairs you up with complete strangers in seconds and can quickly sort you out with your own collaborative portfolio, of sorts.

Simply take a photo (or choose one from your iPad's photostream) and submit it to Dubble, then it'll combine it with another photo taken by a random user and send the double-exposed results straight back to you. If you're a bit picky about who you work with, the latest version enables you to choose your random pairing from a set of favourites; you can even collaborate with yourself.

90. FraxHD

  • Price: $3.99/£2.49

If you love fractals - and who doesn't - FraxHD might just blow your mind. It's an excellently elegant fractal generator for the iPad that's quite blisteringly fast, especially on the iPad. With it you can create a fractal pattern (or choose one from a selection of ready-made presets), zoom right into the depths of its recursive details (and out again), rotate it and pan across it. You can adjust the colour palette, play with the lighting and twiddle the textures too, and you can do all of this using pinch, swipe and rotate gestures in as close to realtime as makes not that much difference. Glorious.

That's your lot for now! There should be something here to suit your design needs, but with thousands of new apps being added to Apple's App Store every day we will continue updating this list as great new iPad apps for designers become available. And if you're looking for great web experiences on the iPad, check out these examples of HTML5.