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20 Christmas gift ideas for web designers

11. Victor High Rise stand-up desk converter

Not sure if a stand-up work environment is right for you? This standup desk converter is a great way to try it out without breaking the bank. In my case, I have an alternate desk that I need to convert, so I'll be using this to do that.

12. Personalized paint set phone case

Even though I have a few phone cases already – mostly Doctor Who – I included this item for folks who may be looking for a case. I thought it was a unique design that creative people might enjoy.

13. Jam and chocolate spread gift set

Quite possibly my favorite item on this list, this jam and chocolate spread gift set is sure to make even the most grumpy designer smile. There are three different gift set packs from which to choose so it's possible I may be asking for this item three times.

14. Design Funny: A Graphic Designer's Guide to Humor

Apparently, this book is all-natural, free-range and gluten-free! It's also a great way to discover how to add more humor to your designs. Inside the pages of this book you'll find advice from The Onion, Comedy Central, JibJab and more.

15. 'Don't worry I got this' and 'See, no problem' Rustic Bookends

As an avid reader, I have a lot of books. I mean, a lot. These bookends will not only help to keep my books contained, but they also offer fantastic inspirational messages like: 'don't worry I got this' and 'see, no problem'.

16. Nerd Love poster - You are the CSS to my HTML

Okay, don't pass this one up! If there's a special web designer in your life, you absolutely have to get them this poster. Don't worry if you don't understand what it means – they'll totally get it. If my husband gets this poster for me, I'll be hanging it on the wall on Christmas morning, for sure!

17. Smartphone projector and speaker gift set

This projector and speaker set looks awesome. It allows you to hook up your smartphone and turn your small screen into a mini movie theater. Don't be surprised, though... this is a DIY project and you'll have to bring your own glue or double sided sticky tape. You'll also need about 10-15 minutes to build it.

18. Catastrophic Signs of Anxiety motivational poster art print

Yes, I'm a crazy cat lady. But that's beside the point. This poster is a great way to make sure you don't over do it at work. With this poster, you'll have a great reference for the signs of anxiety before they happen. By the way, I'd also recommend a small mirror on your desk so you can compare things.

19. Github earrings

The true geek in me couldn't leave this item off the list. Seriously! What geek wouldn't want to walk around with Github earrings? These sterling silver earrings have an oxidized finish which gives them a great look. And, as if that wasn't awesome enough – they even come in a gift box. Bonus!

20. Cards Against Humanity

Warning! This item is not for the prude or weak-minded. Cards Against Humanity is a raunchy, over-the-top card game unlike any other card game I've ever played. However, at the end of a long work day, there's nothing better than hanging out with friends and having a few laughs.

Bonus! net Gift Subscription

What better way to stay in the know about the design industry than with a regular fix from net magazine. A print and digital gift subscription gives you 13 print editions delivered to your door, as well as the option to devour the latest web design content via your smartphone or tablet.

Words: Tammy Coron

Tammy Coron is an iOS developer, backend developer, web developer, writer, and illustrator. She blogs at Just Write Code.

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