Top web designs of 2015

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Knowing which web design trends are useful is one thing, but seeing them in action is another.

The Best Web Design of 2015–2016 lookbook is free to download from the design library created by the prototyping app UXPin.

The 158-page ebook analyzes designs from 168 live websites from companies such as Tumblr, Google, Airbnb, Dropbox, Reebok, Coin, Bose, Nest, and even some promising newcomers from all over the world. Whether browsing or reading, this book provides an excellent source of inspiration and advice.

The book explains many examples, tearing down the techniques behind the UI design. Each of the seven chapters feature anywhere from 18 to 31 examples with an overview of best practices. This easy-to-reference format saves designers time from sifting through mediocre examples.

The game-like frankenSim - - furthers the enjoyment factor of making an app monster with its interesting color choices

In this ebook, you'll find:

  • Tips, tricks, and inspiration from web design done right
  • Visual explanations of the 7 most important design techniques to know for 2016: minimalism, card UI, immersive interactions, flat design 2.0, dynamic typography, vibrant colors, and long scrolling.
  • Individual analysis of each site, explaining what a designers can apply right away

Take a look, and feel free to share it if you like it. Download this free ebook now.

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