Cartoon Animation in Professional Medical Training

Motion capture
(Image credit: José Luis Orué)

I am José Luis Orué. I am the Managing Partner of Wiixt, is a cloud-based SaaS platform that provides Environment and Health and Safety training for companies and Health organisations. Over the years, we have established our business model on delivering serious messages through animated videos. The fact that animations can tell a story in a matter of just a few seconds in a fun and engaging way has helped our trainees to focus on and remember courses that have prevented potential hazards. 

Motion Capture

Jose, Managing Partner of Wiixt, and its EHS Training Service client, Hospital Unisitario of Austral  (Image credit: José Luis Orué)

Wiixt has provided training to over three thousand professional medical specialists over the years. Our ultimate goal is to help our trainees by making EHS (environment, health and safety) simple with interesting and inviting animations. We think of no better solution than Cartoon Animator, with which all of our courses are developed. Our workflow is:

  • Define the script
  • Develop the characters
  • Set up the scene
  • Keyframe animation

With its vast, ready-to-use vast content library and easy animation tools, Cartoon Animator allows us to effectively create satisfying training animations three times faster than other 2D animation software.  

Motion Capture

Wiixt Animation Project Manager Mariana Acedo developing characters for “A Night at the Hospital” with Wiixt Animators  (Image credit: José Luis Orué)

Our latest video, 'A Night at the Hospital', used 2D motion capture function from Cartoon Animator which allowed us to further shorten the production time to at least half of the time needed for keyframe. As Rokoko mocap suit users, we had never imagined this suit could one day be used on 2D animation creation. On top of faster production, this 2D mocap solution also creates natural movements and good visual results by mimicking motions of the performer.

Motion Capture

(Image credit: José Luis Orué)

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