Get early access to next-gen material library

Thousands of physically based material scans will be made available to CG artists via new online library Megascans.

Finding assets as a CG artist is about to get a little easier with the beta launch of Megascans, a massive online library of thousands of physically based material scans and fully scanned 3D assets.

The aim of Megascans is to "provide artists with a next generation material library, ushering CG into a new era," says Quixel, the company behind it.

Megascans is a massive library of material scans

Every material scan is seamlessly tiled, 2x2 meters, 4-16K, HDR, and calibrated for all common BRDFs.

A huge range of fully separated material components have been scanned for each material, with consistent calibration across the entire library. Every asset is tiered for VFX as well as real-time use.

A huge range of fully separated material components have been scanned

The library works on a subscription model that offers multiple levels of access for single artists, from entry level to high-end professional use.

Studios can license the service on a per project basis, for unrestricted commercial use.

Megascans launches in closed beta in January

Applications for the early closed beta will begin in January, followed by a large public beta later in the year. Quixel is looking for talented artists who want to make full use of the library while sharing their progress, thoughts and results online.

If you'd like to apply for the closed beta then please email