How to paint a dreamlike fantasy forest scene

The 18th century Rococo painters used imagination, dreamlike palettes, romantic atmosphere and lively brushwork to create a wonderful atmosphere of enchantment. This period was one of the first times in art history when painters sought to truly transport us to different worlds and fantastic places.

In this workshop we’ll discuss how to illustrate a scene in oil that has this classical, Rococo sensibility to it. You’ll learn how to use an underpainting to achieve a lighting effect that captures form and volume. Then learn to use glazes to enhance the colours and create a jewel-like effect for your painting. Finally, discover how to apply details that bring your characters and their world to life.

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Annie enjoys creating work inspired from folklore, mythology and nature. Through her work, she strives to create images that will evoke emotion and imagination in the viewer. Her clients range from video game companies to fine art galleries to private collectors.