Get mindful with these free colouring templates from Adobe

Mindfulness is a proven way to manage anxiety and stress better, and there’s never been a better time to try it. One of the easiest ways to practise mindfulness is digital colouring, and Adobe has teamed up with three amazing creatives to help you get started.

Leading artists Hazel Mead, Martina Martian and Octavia Bromell have crafted nine beautiful templates for you to download today, totally free, courtesy of Adobe. Each template is unique and embraces the artist’s individual style. 

Check them out below, and once you’ve downloaded your favourites, you can open them up in either Adobe Fresco or Photoshop on iPad, and start colouring. (If you’re not sure how to get started, watch the short video at the end of this post to find out how to download the artists’ creations and get them set up in your chosen app.)

3 free colouring templates from Hazel Mead

Digital illustrator Hazel Mead uses her playful approach and sense of humour to voice her beliefs and illustrate tough topics. In characteristic style, she’s created three brilliant colouring templates for you to download, each inspired by the theme of boredom.

01. Boredom Bingo

Colouring template on iPad

(Image credit: Adobe)

Summing up the frustration and sense of the surreal we’re all feeling right now, Hazel Mead’s Boredom Bingo is perfect for intricate digital colouring. 

02. A Reading List

Photo of colouring template on iPad

(Image credit: Adobe)

Who wouldn’t love a reading room like this? Hazel Mead’s beguiling bookshelf scene is ideal for a restful session of digital colouring. 

03. Greek Gods at Play

Photo of colouring template on iPad

(Image credit: Adobe)

Even the gods get bored, and this punchy illustration by Hazel Mead offers a fun and original scene for digital colouring enjoyment. 

3 free colouring templates from Martina Martian

Known for her beautiful and distinctive approach to illustrated quotes, Martina Martian’s art typically explores themes of empowerment and positivity. She’s created three uplifting and inspiring templates for Adobe’s campaign that will fill you with good vibes and an upbeat attitude.

04. Create for Creation’s Sake

Photo of colouring template on iPad

(Image credit: Adobe)

Art and creativity aren’t just about the finished product. It’s the process itself that’s most valuable; a sentiment elegantly depicted in this design by Martina Martian. 

05. It’s Okay to Slow Down

Photo of colouring template on iPad

(Image credit: Adobe)

Try to do too much creatively, and you’ll soon burn out. Instead, follow Martina’s advice, as charmingly illustrated in this lovely design.

06. One Day at a Time

Photo of colouring template on iPad

(Image credit: Adobe)

No one knows what the future holds, least of all right now, so Martina’s artful and uplifting design is right on point. 

3 free colouring templates from Octavia Bromell

Octavia Bromell is an artist and mental health advocate who’s best known online as Tink. She herself finds release from anxiety through illustration, which combines analogue and digital and often feature houses and plants. Octavia has crafted three charming templates for Adobe’s campaign, which all focus on finding value in the little things. 

07. Diver

Photo of colouring template on iPad

(Image credit: Adobe)

This diving scene from Octavia is full of alluring undersea creatures, giving you free rein to play with colours creatively. 

08. Cosy House

Photo of colouring template on iPad

(Image credit: Adobe)

This lovely house and garden scene celebrates the joys of everyday life, in Octavia’s inimitable style. 

09. House Plants

Photo of colouring template on iPad

(Image credit: Adobe)

This funky collection of house plants is appealingly crafted for some mindful and uplifting colouring. 

How to use the templates

Get more colouring templates at Adobe Stock!

Once you’re done, you can share your creations with the community via the #colourwithadobe hashtag. And if you’re looking for further inspiration Adobe Stock has you covered, with plenty more great colouring templates to choose from: just search for ‘coloring pages’. 

Not joined Adobe Stock yet? You can get a 30-day free trial with no commitment needed, and you’ll even get 10 images free!

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