4 ways HONOR's technology will supercharge your creativity

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What does the phrase 'Go Beyond' mean to you? We'll all have different interpretations, but there's no doubt those words mean achieving something extraordinary. Perhaps for you, it's going that one leap further to create something truly exceptional. Or maybe it's about anticipating the needs of your audience, and giving them something they didn't even know they needed.

According to Creative Bloq's Deputy Editor, Rosie Hilder, to "'Go Beyond' means exceeding expectations to create something new and exciting". Daniel Piper, News Editor, said "for me to 'Go Beyond' means experiencing something that jolts you out of the every day – and something that you won't forget in a hurry". 

To global tech brand, HONOR, 'Go Beyond' means all that and more. Imagine a world in which the technology that surrounds you is based on the premise of 'Go Beyond', and it begins to feel as if truly anything is possible. And thanks to HONOR's new identity, all this is happening right now.

HONOR has kicked off the year as a fully independent company, complete with the new brand identity of 'Go Beyond', whilst its slew of new products and future-forward brand mission shows that HONOR is determined to go one step further in the tech market. All this is brilliant news for creatives, as HONOR's ambitions are sure to make creative life seamlessly cohesive, and a lot more exciting.

'Go Beyond' describes HONOR'S ambition to create innovative, high-quality products with proven reliability – the holy grail for busy creatives who want to create using something that just works. Here are four key reasons why creatives should tap into the tide of creative tech innovation HONOR is bringing their way. 

01. HONOR is creating a new intelligent world for everyone


All Scenarios, All Channels and All People (Image credit: HONOR)

Honor is determined to use smart technology to create a new intelligent world for everyone. This means focusing on the three pillars: 'All Scenarios, All Channels and All People'. Alongside the company's 1+8+N product strategy, this will mean complete connectivity across devices and users. Not sure what 1+8+N means? Fear not, as we will explain all in a moment. 

02. You will enjoy seamless creative control

Imagine a creative life in which every smart device interacts with each other. This is what 1+8+N means for you. Every product that is conceived by HONOR is able to connect to a host of others, creating a larger ecosystem of interconnected products including  smartphones, tablets, laptops and wearables. '1' is the device in control, and the '8' the devices connected to that original device. The 'N' is the wider network the devices exist within – a home office, or studio complete with connected audio visual equipment or smart home devices. Your creativity will know no bounds as you'll have total creative control over your smart life.

03. A commitment to 'Innovation, Quality and Service'

HONOR is deeply committed to another three pillars: Innovation, Quality and Service. HONOR innovates to ensure its powerful technology empowers people to become a better version of themselves, something that has been proven by the recent unveiling of two key new products (both of which have already won awards – we'll come back to that in a minute). But the company's innovation extends beyond product design, and into the way it treats its customers – putting them front and centre of everything the brand does. 

From the stringent testing that is part of its laser-sharp quality control processes, to an after-sales service experience that can be totally relied upon to deliver satisfaction, HONOR is determined to ensure every customer is totally supported when using the HONOR ecosystem. 

Plus, HONOR'S independent status on the global stage has enabled it to forge crucial relationships with major players, including AMD, Intel, MediaTek, Micron Technology, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Samsung, SK hynix, and Sony. This means some sizzling collaborations could soon be on the horizon.

04. The award-winning products


HONOR CEO George Zhao, HONOR View40 launch, China (Image credit: HONOR)

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, HONOR creates smart tech products that are paving the way in the market. With five R&D centres and over 100 innovation labs worldwide, HONOR is committed to developing powerful technology that empowers people to become a better version of themselves.

Currently a top smartphone provider in China, this achievement has fuelled HONOR's ambitions to continue expanding its presence in the UK and more offline markets around the world in 2021 and beyond. 

Testament to its success, HONOR's latest line-up of IoT products received a raft of awards and accolades at CES 2021. Creatives will be delighted to hear that the HONOR MagicBook Series has been given a serious boost, with powerful new processors capable of handling even the most involved creative tasks. But don't worry, you won't be carting around something bulky or heavy. The MagicBook 14 and 15 remain ultra-thin and portable, so you can create on that gorgeous, high-res display, wherever you are. 

To find out more about HONOR, visit the HONOR website or swing by its active social media channels: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

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