5 reasons to attend Adobe MAX 2020 (for free)

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Adobe MAX is going virtual for 2020 - and you can attend for free! (Image credit: SMECCEA)

It’s the annual highlight of the design calendar: every year, thousands flock to Adobe MAX in California to see some of the world’s most famous creatives speak, and hear about the latest Adobe products and updates. But this year, things are going to be a little different. 

For obvious reasons, Adobe MAX 2020 will take place online. And the good news is, that means everyone around the world can attend, for free! If you’d never had the chance to experience Adobe MAX, now couldn’t be a better time: it really is an experience not to be missed. 

Running through October 20-22, what will be the world’s largest free creativity conference will include three days of luminary speakers, celebrity appearances, musical performances, global collaborative art projects, and more than 350 inspirational sessions. There’s no charge whatsoever, but you do have to register beforehand. So don’t miss your chance, visit max.adobe.com today and sign up. 

01. Hear A-list celebrity speakers

Want to hear the world’s most famous creatives talking about their process, what inspires them, and sharing their creative secrets? Of course you do. And at Adobe MAX 2020, the words “spoilt for choice” have rarely been so apt. 

Celebrity speakers include big names in entertainment, including Wes Anderson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Stanley Tucci, Zach Braff, Common, Kenya Barris, Miranda July, Naomie Harris, Nick Offerman and Taika Waititi. 

Also taking part will be world-beating artists, designers, writers, photographers, filmmakers and musicians, such as Annie Leibovitz, Shepard Fairey, Ai Weiwei, Mark Seliger, Roxane Gay, Shawna X, Sumina Studer, Ava DuVernay and Tyler, the Creator. Check out the full list of speakers here.

02. Get sneak previews of new tech

Illustrated version of Adobe MAX logo

(Image credit: Omar Aqil)

One of the biggest highlights at Adobe MAX are the Sneaks, which offer a behind-the-scenes look at the exciting new tools currently being developed in Adobe Labs, from feature prototypes to AI-powered tech. This year, the Sneaks livestreams will be presented by talk show host, actress and comedian Chelsea Handler. It’s a lot of fun, and a great opportunity to see where creative tools are heading in the future.

03. Join the live chat

One of the best things about Adobe MAX is having the chance to network, chat with, and be inspired by the other creatives at the event. And that experience will be multiplied tenfold this year, with hundreds of thousands expected to take part, and live chat in each session connecting everyone together. Don’t miss the chance to make connections across the world: who knows where they might lead?

04. Engage with other creatives

Illustrated version of Adobe MAX logo

(Image credit: Michelle DUrbano)

Live chat isn’t the only way to engage with other creatives around Adobe MAX. You could also join one of the large-scale collaborative art projects, and see what happens when artists from around the world create together on a digital canvas. 

And that’s not all. You’ll also have the opportunity to take part in virtual art walks in cities around the world, including Fanzara, Spain and Dakar, Senegal, and discover the stories of diversity and hope behind the art. Also make sure you check out the Career Center: view the job boards and have your portfolio reviewed by industry insiders to get their advice.

05. Start building your schedule

The speakers we’ve listed here are just the tip of the iceberg. Across the 56 hours of Adobe MAX 2020, 250+ speakers will provide a continuous stream of inspiration, learning and discovery, including talks, live content demos and musical performances. But you don’t want to be overwhelmed, and miss the best stuff, so it’s vital that you start planning your schedule as soon as possible. Register for Adobe MAX today and you can do just that!

Register today!

“The pandemic has sparked an outpouring of creativity, productivity and innovation unlike anything I’ve ever seen,” said Alex Amado, VP of experience marketing at Adobe. “Creativity has the power to bring people together, mobilize movements, and create lasting change. We’ve designed Adobe MAX to be a hub for the community to come together to learn, be inspired, and even co-create. We’re excited to be able to host this unique and uniquely creative event.” 

Make sure you’re a part of this once-in-a-lifetime experience, and register for Adobe MAX today!

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Tom May

Tom May is an award-winning journalist and editor specialising in design, photography and technology. Author of the Amazon #1 bestseller Great TED Talks: Creativity, published by Pavilion Books, Tom was previously editor of Professional Photography magazine, associate editor at Creative Bloq, and deputy editor at net magazine. Today, he is a regular contributor to Creative Bloq and its sister sites Digital Camera World, T3.com and Tech Radar. He also writes for Creative Boom and works on content marketing projects.