Building the perfect mobile creative workstation

(Image credit: HP)

Not too long ago, if you were a digital creative that needed a powerful workstation, it meant you were going to be stuck at a desk and sat in front of a big, bulky desktop PC.

However, over the years mobile technology has evolved at a thrilling rate, enabling laptop makers to cram in ever more powerful components, which means professional laptops these days are able to rival desk-bound computers when it comes to performance, all while remaining thin, light, and portable.

These mini marvels of engineering, like the new HP ZBook Create, provide everything a serious creative needs for their work, all wrapped up in a thin, light, and stylish body. From cutting edge components that help you work faster, and have enough power to allow you and your clients to work in a virtual reality space, to a stunning screen that shows off your creations, the ZBook Create is a laptop that feels like it’s been built from the ground up to be the perfect mobile creative workstation. How? Let’s take a look. 

(Image credit: HP)

The power of Nvidia GeForce RTX

If you’re a digital creative that works with graphic-intensive tools – such as 3D animators, game designers, or video editors, then you’ll need a powerful graphics card. Back in the day, this would mean either using a desktop PC or relying on an external GPU – both of which are hardly very portable.

Being able to build and render 3D models of your projects and products is an essential part of the modern workflow, and by using a computer or laptop that allows you to quickly and accurately put together 3D models, can have a drastic impact on the manufacturing process.

These days, mobile GPUs found in laptops are more powerful than ever, and with the Nvidia GeForce RTX series of GPUs found in the HP ZBook Create, you’re able to experience high-end visuals and quickly render complex projects with ease. Digital artists can also use advanced ray-tracing lighting effects for incredible realism, which are exclusive to Nvidia’s GeForce RTX lineup of graphics cards. Anyone stuck using a MacBook, then, will look on in envy.

With the ray tracing support found in the ZBook Create, digital artists can add advanced ray tracing lighting effects to their projects in real-time – there’s no need to wait around for the scene to be rendered. You’ll see the changes instantly, once again helping to speed up your workflow.

There are also a growing number of uses for virtual reality and mixed reality in a creative workflow, and the graphic card found in the ZBook Create is powerful enough to handle those new experiences as well.

The ZBook Create can come with up to an RTX 2080 GPU, currently one of the most powerful mobile graphics cards in the world. 

That kind of graphical horsepower also means that at the end of the workday, the HP ZBook Create can help you unwind with the latest games as well.

(Image credit: HP)

Accurate – and gorgeous – colours

The perfect accompaniment to a powerful graphics card is a stunning screen, and the HP ZBook Create delivers the goods in this respect as well. For digital creatives, having bright, vibrant, and above all accurate colours is vitally important – and the HP ZBook Create’s screen has you covered.

This gorgeous 15.6-inch 4K IPS display offers a billion on-screen colours, along with 100% DCI-P3 coverage (essential for video editors in particular) and HDR (High Dynamic Range) capability. Paired with HP’s DreamColor technology, and you’ve got a beautiful screen that needs to be seen to be believed. Best of all, it means you don’t need to plug in an external monitor, which means you can work on the go without having to bring along extra baggage.

Brains as well as beauty

The perfect portable workstation for creatives needs to have enough power to handle any creative task you throw at it. The faster it can complete those tasks, the more productive you can be, and the HP ZBook Create achieves this thanks to its powerful Intel Core i9 processor, which has been built to handle complex multithreaded creative apps like Adobe Premier Pro.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is also helping to expand the limits of human creativity. For example, AI-powered photogrammetry can help artists quickly populate 3D environments with photo-realistic objects – without needing to create them by hand. AI may have started out as some far-fetched Sci-Fi concept, but it is now helping speed up creative workflows, and thanks to the hardware found in the HP ZBook Create, you’re able to harness the power of AI. Along with AI-powered tools, such as Adobe Sensei, Artificial Intelligence is helping artists reach new and exciting heights.

You can also configure the HP ZBook Create with up to 32GB of RAM, so your rendering, editing, and simulating tasks can complete faster than ever. That speedy RAM, along with the multi-core Core i9 processor, also allows for better multitasking as well – so you can work on other tasks while the HP ZBook Create does some heavy lifting in the background.

Up to 2TB of super-fast NVMe storage also means you have loads of space to store your important files and documents, while Windows 10 and your favourite apps can load in seconds.

(Image credit: HP)

Thin, light and powerful

Of course, one of the most important things about a mobile workstation is how easy it is to carry around. With dimensions of just 13.9 x 9.2 x 0.7 inches, and a weight of just 4.23lbs, the HP ZBook Create is a laptop that you can take pretty much anywhere with ease.

Packing powerful components into such a thin and light laptop is no mean feat, and HP’s Vaporforce Thermals allow the HP ZBook Create to be as svelte as possible, while also delivering maximum performance.

(Image credit: HP)

So, there’s a vapor chamber that transfers heat from the GPU and processor and distributes it through the chamber for efficient cooling, while incredibly thin liquid-crystal polymer fans, and three-sided vents, means the HP ZBook Create keeps cool even when it’s working at its hardest.

And, while the HP ZBook Create is incredibly thin, it doesn’t mean you miss out on connectivity. The HP ZBook Create comes with an SD card reader, mini Display Port, two USB-C ports, a USB 3.1 Type-A port, and a combo audio jack as well – so no matter what peripherals you rely on every day, you’ll be able to plug them in without needing an adaptor. Take note, Apple.

HP also has a podcast, Rightbrainers, where HP Creative Producer Tito Hamze and a range of guests look at the latest technology trends and how they can impact your creative workflow.

Building the perfect mobile workstation for creative professionals is no easy task, but by combining cutting edge technology, a stylish thin and light design, and a gorgeous screen that will make your work look its very best, HP has done just that with the ZBook Create.

Find out more about how Z by HP can power your breakthrough and unlock the next chapter of your creative evolution. 

HP ZBook Create
Unleash your creativity with this amazingly powerful mobile workstation that sets a new standard for serious creators. Thin, light, and powerful, with Nvidia RTX graphics this is a laptop that offers performance a pro deserves.

HP ZBook Create
Unleash your creativity with this amazingly powerful mobile workstation that sets a new standard for serious creators. Thin, light, and powerful, with Nvidia RTX graphics this is a laptop that offers performance a pro deserves.

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