Is this interactive comic the future of the industry?

Murat is a fully interactive comic that allows the reader to dive into the story in more ways than one.

interactive comic
The interactive aspect allows the user to get involved with the story more so than ever before

The past few decades have given us some of the best comic book artists of all time. Whilst there's something inherently special about holding a printed comic book in your hands, today's technology has allowed the comic strips to leave the pages and enter the internet.

Czech Republic based independent collective Motiv consists of Ondrej Novak and Vojtech Seda. Passionate about graphic novels, illustrations, animations, music and movies, this interactive comic certainly showcases those inspirations.

Allowing the user and reader to interact with the story itself, this is a new kind of experience concerning comics. What's more, the illustrations are abolsolutely beautiful. Do you think this could be the start of an interactive comic book revolution?

interactive comic
interactive comic

See the interactive comic for yourself over on the Morat website.

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