11 ways to help build your ecommerce business

If you’re new to the web industry you may have heard the “veterans” amongst us lament the days when we could charge companies handsomely for what amounted to a bunch of nicely designed fixed-width HTML templates. Today’s market is very different, highly competitive, and increasingly specialised. Working out how to market and profit from your skills is a constant challenge — whether you have recently taken the leap to freelance or are an established business.

Today, much of the work that people like me relied upon in the mid 2000’s has moved in-house as large businesses realise “digital” is not a passing fad but something to take very seriously. Meanwhile, at the other end of the market, many are taking the first steps into “digital” via Facebook and hosted CMS platforms. Consequently, agencies and freelancers are fighting over a diminishing middle market. To succeed you have stand out and be different — one way to achieve this is to become an expert in a particular niche. In other words to specialise.

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Keir has been been making a living with web technologies since 2000. Today he works at Shopify helping grow the Partner Program and building a community around designers working with the platform.