7 quick design solutions to be on trend right now

On-trend design doesn't always have to mean starting from scratch. Sometimes even the most experienced designers take advantage of up-to-date professionally created assets to speed up their processes. Editable templates, backgrounds and icons can serve as inspiration when you're staring at a blank page as well as saving time so  you can concentrate on the finer details.

iStock by Getty Images monitors the latest trends and regularly updates curated boards of contemporary templates, backgrounds and icons that can speed up the design process. Here are seven stylish solutions that they have seen trending at the moment and which could just save you a heap of time on your next project.

01. Templates with contrasts


Templates with subtle pastel contrasts can offer a starting point for a range of contemporary designs (Image credit: iStock by Getty Images)

Templates can offer a great starting point when you're stuck for inspiration and need to get designing quickly. A good template can inspire the rest of the project and start other ideas flowing quickly, making them ideal for reacting to last-minute commissions. 

Templates with a contrast between warm and cool colours are particularly on trend at the moment. Contrasting colours have always been effective, but the trend today is for a subtler and more sophisticated pastel colour palette, for example coral pink on a pale teal background.

02. Retro wave templates


Templates can also help designers ride the current retro revival (Image credit: iStock by Getty Images)

Another trend hitting big in 2020 is the return of retro waves straight from the 80s. They've become big in pop culture and already brands are looking to incorporate a modern take on this retro style. Try bringing in the hot pinks, highlighter yellows, and neon greens from decades past to turn a straightforward template into an eye-catching statement that's very much in vogue.

03. Metallic backgrounds

Gold background

Metallic textured backgrounds can add a touch of class to a design (Image credit: iStock by Getty Images)

Whether you’re designing for digital or print, a strong background is the foundation to your whole design. It certainly shouldn't be left as an afterthought. The right choice adds depth, texture and supports text and other graphics to create a unified design. It also creates cohesion between different deliverables in a campaign.

A major trend in design at the moment is the use of metallic effects. Used as backgrounds, gold, silver, bronze and platinum can communicate elegance and add excellent texture to a background to give a sense of authenticity and realism. Consider using backgrounds that have a metallic glitter or paint effect for textures that really stand out.

04. Liquid backgrounds

Liquid background

Liquid shapes also offer eye-catching options for backgrounds (Image credit: iStock by Getty Images)

The background can be one of the most important parts of any message because the viewer sees it repeated across campaign elements, from a website to social media posts and banner ads, so it's important to ensure it feels contemporary. 

Liquid shapes  have become popular in general to add a modern sense of movement while also creating a warm, rounded feel. Melting patterns and merging objects are being used for decorations and illustrations but can also make for very effective backgrounds. 

05. Video backgrounds

Video background

Video backgrounds can hold the gaze for longer (Image credit: iStock by Getty Images)

Another option to create fresh, modern backgrounds is to use video. Movement attracts attention, which is why so many brands are opting to embed video backgrounds in the hero area of their websites. Studies have shown that people spend an average 88% more time on websites with video, and there's evidence that video may help increase conversions. Designers can even look to combine trends by using background videos with liquid or metallic elements for a comtemporary look.

06. Icons in flat design 2.0

Flat icons

Icons offer a versatile tool to add information and storytelling to a design (Image credit: iStock by Getty Images)

Icons can be an outstanding tool for all kinds of deliverables. They can be informative, but can also tell stories and add interest to large blocks of text. The best icons are easy to interpret and usually work across cultural and linguistic barriers, allowing viewers to understand messages more quickly. Since they're instantly recognisable, they also make the message more likely to stick.

Icons with flat design have been the rage for some time, but the look is evolving as screen resolutions improve. Icons in flat Design 2.0 look up-to-the-minute fresh as they reincoporate gradient shading and a wider range of colours and textures to add more detail.

07. Isometric icons

Isometric icons

Isometric icons can be a great way to inject character and personality into a design (Image credit: iStock by Getty Images)

Icons can also help reinforce brand personality, whether it’s straightforward and serious or bubbly and fun. Isometric icons often help create the latter and can give a brand a friendly and approachable character.

This is one of the reasons that isometric projection, or the representation of three-dimensional objects in two dimensions, has made its way from technical drawings into commercial design in such a big way. To stay on trend, try using  3D in 2D icons as navigational elements, within infographics, or to support or simplify web copy. 

At iStock by Getty, they keep on top of trends and curate boards of templates, background and icons that can be used in any project. To take advantage and gain access to a vast selection of material that can speed up your work, visit iStock by Getty.

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