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The best free logo maker in 2022

The best free logo maker: Canva
(Image credit: Canva)

The best free logo makers mean that designing a logo doesn't have to be daunting. While not ideal for a detailed design project (maybe don't use a free logo maker for your best paying client), it can be the perfect way to knock out something quick and simple. Perhaps you're running a presentation, or working on something personal like an invitation. That's where these free logo makers can be invaluable.

Here, we've rounded up the best free logo makers out there. These will help you to create a simple logo, either from templates or via an easy vector editor. Many come with tutorials to walk you through the design process, so they're usable even if you're new to the world of logo design (if that's the case, our logo design tips might be of help). 

All the logo makers we've included will allow you to create a usable logo for free. One thing to bear in mind is that most of these tools also have paid tiers, and keep certain features reserved for users who are prepared to shell out a little cash. This most commonly means restrictions in the file format and size you can download your logo in. We've noted in each entry the restrictions that come with its free tier, so you can get a sense of how much you can accomplish without spending money. 

These free services tend to be online and in-browser; we also have a best free logo designer software post that includes downloadable programs, as does our guide to the best free graphic design software.

While this guide is focused on the best free logo makers, it is worth considering allocating some budget to a logo design. Having even a small amount to spend on a logo opens up your options considerably, and gives you access to some of the more sophisticated tools out there. Hey, you're probably not going to make one of the best logos of all time with a free logo maker – but they have their place. Before we get to the main list, here are our top three logo makers we think are worth the money.

The best logo makers right now

01. Wix Logo Maker

01. Wix Logo Maker
With the Wix logo maker you don't even have to think up your own brand; you can use Wix's online business name generator if you prefer. Once it's gathered information about your business and visual preferences it'll give you a logo that you can edit and then download.

02. Canva Logo Maker

02. Canva Logo Maker
Canva is a hugely popular source of free design for novice users, and its logo maker is no exception. There are paid plans that get you more features and options, but the free tier is highly usable, and lets you download high-res logos without any issues. 

03. Tailor Brands

03. Tailor Brands
Tailor Brands offers a quick and easy way to create a logo for your business. It takes you through various options, allowing you to decide which designs you like and which you don't. Then you can buy your logo in just a few clicks.

The best free logo makers

Best free logo maker: Tailor Brands Logo Maker

01. Tailor Brands Logo Maker

Easy logo creation and more besides

Reasons to buy
+AI-powered generator+Choice of logo types+Customisable designs
Reasons to avoid
-Only 192px PNG is free

Using an AI-powered system to generate a suitable logo for your brand, Tailor Brands' Logo Maker is the great tool for anyone who can't face scrolling through hundreds of templates to find the perfect logo design. Instead it asks for the name of your business and a description of what it does, as well as getting you to choose between an icon, text or initial-based logo, then it uses a 'This or That' tool to get a handle on the design style you're after. 

With all that information to hand it goes to work on creating a unique logo, tailor-made to your specific brand or industry, that you can then customise if you want; when you're happy with it you can download a low-resolution for free, or pay for high resolution files. Bear in mind that the free file you get really is small: 192 pixels along its longest edge. It'll do for an appstore or a small website badge, but if you need anything larger then you'll need to open your wallet. 

Still, if you do decide to upgrade, Tailor Brands can be a one-stop-shop to start and run your business, offering a platform that can also create merchandise, business cards and a standout social media presence. It can also help you set up your own little corner of the web with an online store or website, web hosting, a business mailbox and much more. 

Best free logo maker: Canva Logo Maker

02. Canva Logo Maker

An intuitive logo maker from Canva

Reasons to buy
+Intuitive logo generator+Great editor+Free printable PDF
Reasons to avoid
-Transparent backgrounds not free

Canva's online design tools cover a whole lot more than logos, but if a logo's all you're after then it's ready and waiting to help you out with its Logo Maker, which we dub one of the best free logo maker tools out there. Like many online logo creators it'll ask you about your company and get you to select a handful of templates you like the look of before it comes up with a design that you can customise using its intuitive tools. 

There are plenty of free elements to play with; if you need more choice you can pay to use a larger selection of premium elements. You'll likely find more than enough to get something good going in the free tier: the only thing you'll likely miss is the fact that you can't make a logo with a transparent background in the free tier. That's one you have to fork out for. Regardless, once you're done, you can download your finished logo as a 500px PNG or JPEG, or a print-ready PDF, for free. 

Best free logo maker

(Image credit: Wix)

03. Wix Logo Maker

Generate a logo inspired by your own style

Reasons to buy
+Easy to use+Editable results+High-quality images
Reasons to avoid
-Free logo very low-res 

Wix offers two routes to creating your own logo online. Its first option is to hire a designer; it'll hook you up with a professional who'll do the job for you, and naturally that's the path you should follow if you need a proper logo for your business. But if you're on a budget you can instead use Wix's free online logo maker.

It'll ask you for the name of your brand (and if you don't have name yet, Wix even has an online business name generator) and what you do, then it quizzes you on your personal style so that it can provide you with a fitting selection of colours, fonts and icons. Once you've done that you'll be presented with your own custom logo that you can then edit until it looks exactly the way you want.

When you're done you can download image files so that you can use your logo design wherever you want, though note that you'll have to pay if you want more than a low-res version. 

Best free logo maker: Shopify Hatchful homepage

(Image credit: Shopify)

04. Hatchful

One of the easiest free logo makers around

Reasons to buy
+Simple to use+Lots of choices+Easy to edit
Reasons to avoid
-Limited template customisation

Next up in our guide to the best free logo maker is Shopify's Hatchful. It's one of the easiest free logo makers we've seen; simply feed it a few useful facts about the business you need a logo for, decide on the style of logo you need and how you'll want to use it, and it'll generate a stack of potential logos for you to browse through. Once you've found one that hits the spot, you can adjust the font, palette, icon and layout until everything's just right. The amount you can customise each template can be pretty limited, however, and varies considerably. Our advice would be to spend time finding a template that's as close as possible to what you want from the get-go, rather than trying to extensively edit an existing one.

Next, export your logo in all the forms you're likely to need. Within a few minutes, a folder arrives in your email inbox. It contains your logo in loads of different sizes and aspect ratios, already optimised for different uses like Twitter banner or Facebook cover, and with a transparent PNG thrown in for good measure. 

Best free logo makers

(Image credit: Ucraft)

05. Ucraft Logo Maker

Build your own logo with this simple vector editor

Reasons to buy
+Vector editor+Lots of elements to play with+Free PNG download
Reasons to avoid
-No templates or AI

For a more hands-on approach, Ucraft's Logo Maker gives you just enough tools to create your own logo from scratch in short order. It's basically a bare-bones vector editor that gives you a big selection of icons to play with and supplement with text, shapes and colour until you achieve the look you're after. 

Without the hand-holding and templates of other logo makers, Ucraft does require a bit more design nous to get the most out of it. If, for instance, you had to pause reading the last paragraph to look up what a 'vector editor' was, then this probably isn't the right one for you. You can download your finished logo as a 600px PNG for free; if you'd prefer a scalable SVG you can have it for just $12.

Best free logo maker: LogoMakr

06. LogoMakr

Another vector editor with some useful options

Reasons to buy
+Vector editor+Lots of options+Free PNG download
Reasons to avoid
-Max free size is 300px

A slightly more sophisticated free logo maker option comes in the form of LogoMakr. It offers the same basic tools as Ucraft, but with a friendlier front end and a few more options and fonts to play with; the only thing we'd like to see to make this best free logo maker pick even better is the option to use gradients as well as flat fills. 

Again it's a matter of finding a suitable icon and bringing in all the text and shape elements you need to build your logo design; and again, it's one where the free tier only nets you a fairly small version. This one is a 300px PNG, though if you're prepared to shell out $19 you can get it larger, as well as in SVG and PDF flavours.

Best free logo maker: DesignEvo Free Logo Maker

07. DesignEvo Free Logo Maker

Build from a huge selection of templates

Reasons to buy
+Over 6,000 templates+Straightforward editor
Reasons to avoid
-Max free size is 300px-More expensive to upgrade

Whether you want to build a logo from scratch or work from a ready-made template, DesignEvo's Free Logo Maker can help you out. It has a searchable selection of over 6,000 templates to choose from, enabling you to quickly find a good starting point for your logo, but if you prefer to do it yourself you can start with a blank layout and build a logo using symbols, shapes and fonts. When you're done you download a free low-resolution logo (another 300px PNG); for scalable vector versions, prices start at $24.99.

Best free logo maker: MarkMaker

08. MarkMaker

Scroll and click until you hit the perfect logo

Reasons to buy
+Clever generating process+Good-looking results+Free PNG and SVG
Reasons to avoid
-Designs are a little basic

MarkMaker is a contender for the best free logo maker, which uses a simple, clever approach to creating the right logo: type in a company name and it'll start generating suggestions, and by clicking on the ones you like it'll create ever more designs informed by your preferences. You can further influence the process by adding information about what your company does. 

Keep on scrolling and clicking until something crops up that you love. It might take a little while; a fair few of the designs it supplies tend to be on the basic side. But the good news is that once you've got a good one, you can hit the edit button to fine-tune it; there are loads of options and sliders to play with until you hit that sweet spot. This done, you can download your logo as a PNG or SVG; both are free, but you can throw in a little donation if you like.

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