10 cracking examples of porcelain art

Whilst many of you create your art and designs using early pencil sketches and screen-based software, other creatives are going back to basics and using porcelain as their canvas. Patterns, characters and more come to life using this wonderful material and here, we've gathered up some of our favourite examples of porcelain art from around the world.

01. Colourbox (opens in new tab)

porcelain art

Joe Rogers' hand painted porcelains are covered in his token pattern work

Colourbox is the alias of British designer and illustrator Joe Rogers. His hand-painted ceramics range is a thing of beauty, with salt and pepper shakers, cups, oil bottles and bowls all receiving a patterned statement. When he's not painting porcelain, Rogers is a freelance illustrator and DJ.

02. Charlotte Mei (opens in new tab)

porcelain art

We're in love with this little toastie plate, produced by illustrator Charlotte Mei

Based in London, Charlotte Mei is a recent graduate whose ceramic artworks have gained her plenty of fans across the world. Producing alternative crockery and inspiring self-portrait porcelain pieces, Mei is certainly one to watch in the illustration and porcelain art world.

03. Olly Moss (opens in new tab)

porcelain art

8-bit designs and movies combine with this brilliant porcelain art plate series

Olly Moss (opens in new tab) is a designer that keeps his cards close to his chest. The 25-year-old has been quietly making his impact on the design world with his stunning movie poster designs (opens in new tab). These 8-bit porcelain plates are another reason why he's fast becoming one of the most talked about illustrators in the industry.

04. Kaye Blegvad (opens in new tab)

porcelain art

The handmade aspects of Blegvad's porcelain work is all part of the charm

"I like my work to show signs of being handmade - nothing too clean or too perfect," explains jewellery and porcelain designer Blegvad. "The process is part of the product. I draw my inspiration from all over the place - ancient artefacts, talismans, ritual, the occult, weaponry, and the natural world."

05. Grayson Perry (opens in new tab)

porcelain art

Perry is one of the most well-known porcelain artists in the world

Reknowned English artist Grayson Perry CBE is known for his weird and wonderful painted porcelain vases, amongst other things. His avant-garde take on classical forms has earned him a place as one of the most respected and well-known porcelain art creators. He's also lended his painting skills to scarf designs, currently on sale at the Tate Modern.

06. Jen Collins (opens in new tab)

porcelain art

These tiny tigers are a perfect example of the intricacy of Collins' work

With the desire to apply her illustrative style to something more than a flat surface, UK-based designer Jen Collins prefers to use hand-building techniques and brushwork to create small ceramic pieces that allowed for her drawings to become tangible objects. We especially love the attention to detail on these tiny tigers!

07. Ábel Lakatos (opens in new tab)

porcelain art

Combining geometric shapes and origami, these porcelain cup designs are a marvel

Hungarian artist Ábel Lakatos casted these 'polyunomi' cup designs from fine herendi porcelain and high fired in Danloff gaskiln up to 1350 degrees C. The cups are burnished to the polygonal shape by hand, so they are smooth on the inside and all individual, making for a gorgeous series of crockery designs.

08. Edina Andrási (opens in new tab)

porcelain art

These apple core salt shakers showcase Andrási's knack for a sleek finish

Fellow Hungarian artist Edina Andrási's work mainly focuses around the shapes and sizes you can create using porcelain. Having exhibited across the world, her work is a polished and sleek execution of porcelain art. We particularly adore these clever apple core salt shakers.

09. Tuesday Bassen (opens in new tab)

porcelain art

Sleek and sweet, Tuesday Bassen creates the kind of porcelain art everyone wants

Tuesday Bassen is an award-winning Illustrator, Designer, and Art Director living in New York City. Her work is a mixture of the surreal, the cute and the down-right adorable. Her porcelain art has been admired across the world, with jewellery lovers lining up to grab one of her brilliant Pinnochio Ring Holders (opens in new tab).

10. Maria Raymondsdotter (opens in new tab)

porcelain art

This 'Hipster porcelain' collection was created using upcycled vintage porcelain

Stockholm based illustrator Maria Raymondsdotter has worked with a wide range of clients, from Tokyo to Paris. This upcycled vintage porcelain was designed and fired in a ceramic kiln to create Raymondsdotter's version of 'Hipster porcelain'. We think she's absolutely nailed the illustrations.

Have you seen any inspiring examples of porcelain art? Let us know in the comments box below!

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