Movie posters as art: Olly Moss's latest exhibition

Olly Moss is a designer that keeps his cards close to his chest. The 25-year-old has been quietly making his impact on the design world with his stunning movie poster designs, which have led to him scooping big-name clients such as Nike, Apple and Marvel.

Thanks to his stunning creations, Olly quickly became a contributor to Texan art house Mondo. His Dark Knight Rises poster sold out almost instantly and each of his releases are escalating in popularity.

Olly's poster for The Dark Knight Rises sold out almost instantly

Mondo exhibition

Moss's work is on show for the first time in the UK, as part of a new exhibition by Mondo at the White Cloth Gallery in Leeds, UK. Other graphic artists on display include Tyler Stout, Drew Struzan, and Francesco Francavilla.

We love this moody creation for Return of the Jedi

The exhibition will run from November 17 until December 2 at the White Cloth Gallery. To see more of Olly's posters as well as prints, paper cuts and apparel, you can visit the gallery on his website.

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