Build 3D scenes in a flash with NVIDIA Studio

A 3D woolly mammoth
(Image credit: NVIDIA)

If you still think of NVIDIA graphics cards as just gaming hardware, you haven’t been paying attention. These days, the technology that gets you high resolution graphics and a great frame rate in your favorite RPG is also an essential tool for 3D animators, VFX artists, video editors and anyone else who uses creative software. In fact, it’s completely transforming how we do digital creative work.

Everyone is aware of the astonishing power of AI tools such as ChatGPT and AI image generators, but what most people don’t know is that the specialized hardware that runs these tools lives on NVIDIA RTX graphics cards. The technology is a breed of processing cores called Tensor Cores, which are tailor-made for performing matrix arithmetic, the mathematics of AI. CPUs can perform AI computations, but only at a fraction of the speed of the Tensor Cores on an RTX GPU – even a very fast CPU cannot compete.