Creation for a new generation: Using generative AI for creative inspiration

NVIDIA Canvas turns simple doodles into elaborate pieces of realistic art that can be used for creative inspiration.
(Image credit: NVIDIA)

There’s no shortage of information online about how NVIDIA graphics cards are the top tier choice for gaming rigs, but there’s also no denying that these GPUs are exceptional for those who create content in the digital space. A good graphics card is vital to any content creator’s workstation. Creative work can be incredibly resource-hungry, especially for tasks such as 3D rendering, animation, and video editing. GeForce RTX technology is powerful enough to keep up with even the most demanding of workflows.

NVIDIA has partnered with celebrated artists from all manners of content creation to create a series, titled In the NVIDIA Studio, to help showcase how the NVIDIA Studio  platform can help creators master their craft. To kick off this week’s In the NVIDIA Studio, NVIDIA is featuring TikTok artist Janice.Journal to promote the use of responsibly generative AI tools such as NVIDIA Canvas to create content. 

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