3 ways Huawei's powerful new tablet will unleash your creativity

Huawei MatePad 11
(Image credit: Huawei)

What are you looking for in your next tablet? As a creative, you’re likely to have a list of can’t-live-without features ranging from a gorgeous display to an incredible stylus – but finding one that does it all is a big ask. Enter Huawei’s latest offering: the MatePad 11. This powerful, premium tablet ticks all the creative boxes and connects seamlessly across multiple devices. It really is a strong contender for your next upgrade.

Huawei has designed this tablet for creators, and its impressive feature-set proves just how closely the brand has studied what creatives really need when working digitally. Not only is the tablet stunningly minimalistic, putting your creations centre-stage with a massive 86 per cent screen-to-body ratio, it also has the highest refresh rate of any Huawei tablet so far (120Hz) and immersive stereo audio effects. 

Added to that is an incredibly long battery life, which gives you about 12 hours when handling your productivity tasks or video playback. Perhaps most impressive, though, is the attention paid to the new Huawei M-Pencil (2nd-generation), which is based on traditional wooden pencils for an ultra-authentic artistic experience and is bundled for free with the tablet. 

Want to know more? Read on to discover just three of the ways the HUAWEI MatePad 11 is sure to unleash your creative potential.

01. Best-ever display

Huawei MatePad 11

(Image credit: Huawei )

For creatives working visually (digital illustrators, designers and artists, we’re looking at you), it’s arguable that the display is the most important part of a device. Without a fast refresh rate and rich display, your vision won’t be fully realised and your imagination will have limitations. Worry not, as the Huawei MatePad 11 is the first-ever Huawei tablet to support a blistering 120 Hz refresh rate. This means fluid visuals will dance across the 10.96-inch screen, matching the speed, low-latency handwriting input and super-responsive touch control of the very best tablets out there right now. 

Want another impressive spec? The 16:10 ultra-wide display also supports DCI-P3 colour gamut, images and video. That means the tablet displays colour equal to the colour standard of the digital film industry so whether you’re animating, video editing or creating stunning art, your creations will have super-accurate, rich and vibrant colour. 

02. An upgraded stylus 

Huawei MatePad 11

(Image credit: Huawei )

The attention to detail on Huawei’s 2nd Gen M-Pencil is joyful, with the team having tested over 20 form factors. They landed on a hexagonal shape that’s based on traditional wooden pencils. This shape makes for a wonderfully authentic drawing experience and means the stylus is both ergonomic and stable. By applying varying pressure and holding the Pencil at different angles, you can naturally and easily create different brush strokes, just like with the real thing.

To get technical for a moment, the pen core features a nickel palladium plating, which offers optimal resistance, vibration and reliability – all integral parts of a high-quality stylus experience. It also has a ridiculously low input latency (just 2ms) so that whether you’re drawing, sketching, colouring and writing, the experience will be as smooth and authentic as possible. 

In terms of your comfort (vital when you’re working for hours on a project), the new stylus is much lighter than the first-gen version (just now 16g), and has a smoothed-out barrel for enhanced comfort and grip. Plus, there’s an anti-fingerprint coating – perfect if you’re particularly pernickety about the sleek look of your stylus. 

03. Work seamlessly across devices with Super Device 

Huawei MatePad 11

(Image credit: Huawei)

Let’s start with the practical stuff. We all know how crucial that second screen is for expanding your creativity and pushing your workflow to the next level. And Huawei’s improved Super Device functionality empowers you create your own bespoke workflow across Huawei devices. 

This means you can share the Huawei MatePad 11's display, speakers and other hardware directly with your Huawei smartphone or laptop and allowing for direct collaboration between the two devices. It empowers you to work across your tablet and your PC – using drag-and-drop to manage your files, or wireless screen mirroring so that you can take your work from your laptop to your tablet seamlessly. Perhaps most importantly for creatives, this means you can use the full versions of your favourite software on your tablet, which is genuinely a real game-changer. 

Prone to creative bursts of inspiration whilst on the move? When you’ve only got one device with you, the interconnected ecosystem of Huawei’s products means you’ll never be caught without your projects as you can smoothly hop from one device to another. Of course, you’ll also have access to thousands of native tablet apps from Huawei’s AppGallery, its very own app store. No matter the scenario, the Huawei MatePad 11 has got you covered.

All in all, the Huawei MatePad 11 genuinely does offer something new for creatives working digitally. The complete package will set your imagination free, wherever you are, supercharging your artistic process from beginning to end. Huawei's MatePad 11 is available now, find out more and buy here.

Huawei MatePad 11

(Image credit: Huawei)

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