How blue is that blue? How to ensure accurate colour – from concept to creation

(Image credit: Benq)

Accurate colour reproduction is essential for getting the full picture of your on-screen concepts, so there aren't any nasty surprises in store when it comes to creation. And having a monitor that can intuitively adapt to the design packages you’re using should be the first port of call for any designer.

Introducing the DesignVue PD2705Q monitor from BenQ, a leading innovator in display technologies. BenQ displays are the first in the industry to earn both CalMAN and Pantone certification, guaranteeing colours you can trust, and equipping you with everything you need to bring your inspiration to life.

Intuitive Design


(Image credit: BenQ)

With the DesignVue range, you get the exclusive BenQ AQCOLOR technology, the magic that drives the HDR realistic results, 100% industry-standard sRGB and Rec. and a 709 wide colour range.

The displays arrive factory calibrated straight out of the box with a calibration report that will be the same on multiple monitors, even from different production lines, to create consistency in your workflow. In-built ICCsync technology simplifies the mapping process between the profile and source, ensuring that from the beginning, you get the most accurate colour setting. 

Proprietary Software


(Image credit: BenQ)

Design expertise is elevated with four specialist profiles that make smart adjustments to the display’s settings depending on the genre of design work and packages being used, ideal for graphic designers, animators, videographers and design engineers.

When using Darkroom, automatic adjustments are made to the image brightness and contrast. The M-Book feature ensures consistent colour across multiple Mac devices. When animating, clarity within dark areas is enhanced without overexposing bright regions and when using CAD / CAM packages, lines and shapes in technical illustrations are highlighted through superior contrast.

BenQ’s proprietary Display Pilot software eases the strain on the user, simplifying the working experience by offering support tools that make design more convenient and flexible. Features include Print Assist (which previews projects in print size), Auto Pivot for rotating images automatically based on monitor rotation, and Desktop Partition, which splits the workspace easily – without dragging or re-sizing.

In addition, BenQ's industry-leading eye care technologies are able to reduce eye fatigue while ensuring greater user comfort during long periods of use.

Stay Connected and Clutter-Free

Keeping your workspace clutter-free is crucial when getting creative, and now with a USB-C connectivity port, users are able to transmit high-speed audio, video and 65W power delivery with just one cable. The additional KVM Switch function allows users to control and display content from two different PCs on a single screen with a singular mouse and keyboard. Working from home? This mean your dining table can stay as clear as possible for, well, dining. 

BenQ monitors are designed to deliver and have the seal of approval from the best in the industry; making them the ideal partner for creative professionals demanding excellence at an affordable price. The PD2705Q is designed with designers in mind. For more information, you can find the incredible new monitor at ebuyer and Box

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