MPB makes upgrading your camera gear cheaper - just when creatives need it most

Woman holding camera to take a photo in front of a bridge
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The cost of living crisis is on all of our minds, and there are few more impacted groups than creatives in times of financial struggle. For photographers and videographers in particular, gear and accessories are expensive – while cameras and lenses stand the test of time, upgrading your setup can present a huge financial setback. 

Add to this the global supply chain challenges facing the camera market and it’s an increasingly bleak picture, until MPB enters the scene. 

Founded in 2011, MPB has quickly become one of the leading online platforms for used photo and video gear with a view to make the technology more accessible and affordable, while also being more sustainable. Read on to find out how.

Better for the world, better for your wallet

Cameras from a variety of suppliers (Nikon, Leica and Canon)

Save on leading cameras as well as accessories and gear at MPB (Image credit: MPB)

It’s fair to say that MPB is a pretty huge operation – it's the world's the largest platform to buy, sell and trade used specialist photo and video gear. MPB recirculates a whopping 350,000 pieces of gear every year, and adds 1,500 pieces of gear to the platform every week.

This impressive number of recirculated devices is a testament to the durability of cameras, making them the perfect devices for a pre-owned marketplace. In fact, MPB cites recent research which suggests that over 50 percent of US adults own at least one unused camera, with 20 percent having two or more.

It’s more than just the cameras themselves available on MPB. On the platform you can also find lenses, lights and other accessories, all of which have been priced based on the make, model, condition and market. Plus, on average, used gear is 30 percent cheaper than new.

Armed with this new information you might want to head to your closet and make sure you’re not sitting on a goldmine, or check out MPB to snag a bargain on an unused device.

Sustainable, safe savings 

Nikon D850 on a yellow background

MPB is a great place to find deals on the best cameras and accessories, and you're helping the planet (Image credit: MPB)

Can you trust MPB with your devices? According to its 5-star rating on Trustpilot, the quick answer is “yes”. However, if you’re not convinced, here’s why MPB should be the first stop on any visual storyteller’s journey to upgrading their setup, whether you’re buying or selling. 

MPB’s team includes trained camera experts as well as experienced photographers and videographers, who each use their specialism and passion for the trade to ensure MPB runs like clockwork and offers the best possible prices. 

If you’ve attempted to sell camera gear online before, you might be bracing yourself for hidden fees and risks. Not with MPB. All you need to do as a seller need to do is enter your model name and estimate its condition, and MPB will then generate a quote. The company even offers free shipping. If you want to try it for yourself, you can get an instant quote for gear you're not using. 

From there, the MPB team will perform thorough checks and photograph the items, automatically adjusting the quote up or down when the quality differs from described. If you’ve been looking for an upgrade, it could come sooner than you think if you trade in with MPB; its average payout to sellers is $650.

Buyers can then browse for their dream gear knowing that each piece has been thoroughly inspected. Plus, everything comes with a six-month warranty. You can start browsing today and rest assured that the purchase is as risk-free as possible. 

Snap up a saving

Canon EOS R5 on a red background

Get the best cameras at MPB without the wait of other retailers (Image credit: MPB)

With global supply chain challenges shaking the market, you might be surprised to hear that MPB stocks some of the most sought after cameras out there. For example, one of our favourite cameras for wildlife photography, the Fujifilm X-T4, is fairly hard to get a hold of, but MPB has plenty in stock at fantastic prices. 

Similarly, the Canon EOS R5, which faced significant supply chain difficulties last year, is widely available on MPB. Some listings are like new and cost only $3,629, which is $270 cheaper than its retail price.

If you’re a Nikon shooter looking for an upgrade, MPB also has the Nikon D850 for just $1,879 in excellent condition. 

Whether you’re a casual cameraman or a professional photographer, there’s plenty to explore on MPB. To find out how much your gear could be worth or to browse MPB’s range of cameras, lenses and accessories head to MPB.

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