AI app turns your photos into poetry

3 iPhone screens on a yellow background depicting various in app shots of the application Pamera.
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Do you ever take a photo so stunning, that you wish you could put it into words? Perhaps you've got a keen eye for photography, but not the linguistic flare to match. If only there was an easy way to celebrate the beauty of your camera roll, with words of equal elegance. Well, look no further than Pamera – the 'poetry camera'. 

It's the work of a crafty AI model that sets this poetry in motion. Users take a picture in the app and in seconds, their very own poetic piece is composed from key features in the image, recognised by the AI's object identifier. Even the most mundane pictures can be transformed into verse in a flash, producing some very interesting (and some downright silly) results. If you're keen to get snapping, check out our top picks for the best camera of 2023. 

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Created by developers Do Something Good, the app's lead technologist Damjanski says that the inspiration behind the app's poetic style is the work of Argentinian essayist, Jorge Luis Borges. With strong magical realism elements in his writing, Damjanski says that Borges seemed the perfect muse for his project, bringing a sprinkle of fantasy to our everyday lives. 

The app combines OpenAI's GPT-4 large language model, alongside an object identifier, to highlight key features within the images in order to create its short 4-line poems. While the app is certainly fun, some users have found that the AI doesn't always wax poetic, creating lines that stray a little too far from the original image, but there's no denying that the result is often amusing.

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As the app develops, Damjanski hopes to enable the use of the front-facing camera, and there's even talk of allowing users to upload their own AI generated art. It seems like there's no end to where AI technology can take us, but I don't see this artificial intelligence being awarded poet laureate anytime soon. 

While the app isn't going to make you the next Wordsworth, it's certainly an entertaining way to kill some time. If you've exhausted every clever instagram caption you can think of, why not opt for a little refinement to go with that new cat picture you're thinking of posting? And remember, AI doesn't necessarily have to be the death of creativity, check out these apps that are using AI to make content creation easier than ever. 

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