3 AI features in apps you need to try

Getty Images description of AI - people on skateboards with phones
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AI is not a trend in technology, and if any of us think we can go a single day over the next year – at least – without hearing about it, or seeing it in the wild, we are mistaken. As companies embrace this new wave, their customers reap the benefits of speed, creativity, and overall efficiency while we all work towards a world where AI is responsibly and intelligently used. 

So how effective are some of the latest features from companies leaning into AI tech? Aside from the best AI photo editing software, here are a few examples of AI tools and features I’ve explored and why they’re great (or why they might need a little more work before they find their way into my daily tech routine)...

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Christine Itwaru

Christine has been in product management for over 12 years, and has held both individual contributor and leadership roles across product management, product operations, and strategy. She’s led and coached teams through product-led transformation and continues to do so while mentoring product leaders on setting up foundations for strong teams, creating and delivering best practices, and standing up a system for PMs to do their best in. Christine enjoys giving back to the product community and looks at product management as a discipline rather than a role in technology.