4 reasons why creatives need a pen display tablet

(Image credit: Huion)

Digital art is more popular than ever, with professionals and hobbyists constantly finding new ways to create and using digital techniques never before possible. Though this is partly due to the capabilities of the latest apps and software, digital artists (and aspiring digital artists) also need to get the physical tools right. This is where Huion's latest range of pen displays comes in – providing you with a canvas and stylus to supercharge your art. Simply plug the pen display into your device and begin creating.

Huion's Kamvas range includes the well-loved Kamvas 13 Pen Display and Drawing Tablet, a piece of kit you're likely to know about already due to its knockout success. Creatives love the increased connectivity of the tablet, which has a 13.3-inch working area for unbridled expression. It was the first pen display to support full connectivity with Android devices, and Huion's innovation continues across the Kamvas range, which includes some exciting new additions – now available to view on Huion's website.

As Huion expands the Kamvas range (check it out in the video above – and see it again here), we thought it the perfect time to highlight four reasons why you should take notice – so you (and your art) don't miss out on something truly special. 

01. There's something for everyone


From kids to professionals, there's a Kamvas tablet for you (Image credit: Huion)

There's a Kamvas Pen Display tablet for everyone, with different models boasting features that will appeal to a diverse set of creative minds. All with stunning LCD colour displays, plus Windows and MacOS compatibility, the key differences lie in the size, and use cases of the tablets.

At the upper end of the scale, sit the largest siblings – the Kamvas 22 and 22 Plus. These have unrivalled capabilities for those at the more serious end of digital artistry. The 22-inch LCD screen is an enormous, vibrant canvas, and the power of the tablet means there's no lag when you're running software powerhouses – even when 3D modelling. Crucially, these two tablets have Android support, meaning you can use them with your Android devices as well as your computer.

But excitingly, the new additions to the Kamvas family focus on artists at the other end of the spectrum. Perfect for those just starting out, the Kamvas 12 and Kamvas 16 (2021), which were launched together on November 11, provide everything a beginner or student needs to develop a lasting love for the discipline – with the ultra-life colour displays allowing your artwork to shine bright. Ultra-portable, using this model couldn’t be simpler – just plug in to your Windows or Mac computer and go. Plus, the tablets even come in a range of colours (think midnight green and violet purple!).

So, if you're a parent who wants to gift your child their first digital canvas, an art student getting kitted up for the journey ahead, or a beginner wanting to explore what you’re capable of, you won't go wrong with the Kamvas 12 and 16 (2021).

02. Top-level stylus technology

Okay, we've talked a lot about the tablet itself, but what about the pen? Focusing on the tablet alone would be like buying the finest sketch paper but drawing with an old biro, so it’s unsurprising to hear that Huion has developed its range of styluses with similar levels of innovation and care. 

Enter: the PW517, a pen with the most up-to-the-minute capabilities imaginable. With technology based on PenTech 3.0, the newest Huion pen is not-only battery-free (which means no charging) but has increased pressure sensitivity and accuracy, resulting in a super-natural, organic drawing experience. And this upgraded pen now comes with the entire Kamvas range, as standard. 

03. Convenience


Create wherever and whenever you need to (Image credit: Huion)

Imagine being able to set up your tablet and start creating straight away, wherever you are. Creative life is that easy with this range of pen display tablets. Yes, you might need a bigger bag for the larger displays, but they're still light and portable enough for them to become a constant companion (especially since you can use them with your smartphone). After all, you never know when inspiration might strike. 

Students won't have to plan around staying home to complete that next project. In the current climate of remote learning, it's handy to know you can get your work done wherever you are (as long as you're staying safe, of course!). And for parents juggling work and home life, you know your aspiring artists can begin creating wherever and whenever you need them too, as well.

04. A hefty dose of inspiration


Be inspired (Image credit: Huion)

It isn't only Huion's products that will inspire. A community of like-minded creatives are using the same brilliant tools, providing some serious artistic inspiration, and Huion's active social media accounts are a fantastic place to tap into that buzz of activity. With new art from talented digital artists, plus tips and ideas added regularly to Huion's social media platforms, you'll be in your element if you give them a follow. See the handles below, and check out the Kamvas range on Huion's website.

Follow Huion on Facebook @huion, Twitter @huiontab, Instagram @huiontablet and YouTube Huion Tablet.

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