Brighten up your website with these CSS animations

Pankaj Taneja created these stylish animated animals to help liven up dull web pages.

Pure CSS Animals

These cute icons come to life when you hover over them

To create impressive website visuals and animations you don't have to use photo editing software that will drag down your load speed. Instead you can create amazing CSS3 animation entirely using markup – and that's exactly what Pankaj Taneja has done with these adorable animated animals.

Pure CSS Animals is a collection of animated animals, people and icons all made entirely out of, you guessed it, CSS. Originally created as a way of testing the capabilities of HTML and CSS, Taneja has now uploaded some of the designs to Codepen for users to download and examine for free.

Supported by all modern browsers, these stylish animations are fully responsive across desktop, mobile and tablets, with each one bursting into life when you hover over them. As well as looking good on websites, they're a great way for designers to see how CSS animations work.

Pure CSS Animals

This caped crusader isn't all he seems...

Pure CSS Animals

Float along with this relaxing frog and lily pad

Pure CSS Animals

This laid-back hipster stolls along the screen

Pure CSS Animals

There she blows! We love this whale animation

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