Photo community 500px launches sweet iPhone app

Gain exposure, find inspiration, and connect with other photographers, all from the palm of your hand with 500px's new iPhone app.

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Photography community website 500px is the place to be for snappers, from keen amateurs to professionals, with a library of over 6 million photos on hand. If you want to gain exposure, find inspiration, and connect with other photographers, there's hardly a better community online to do so. And with the released of an all-new app, you can do all this from your iPhone.

Flow is a newsfeed-style stream of all your friends' latest updates

"We have been developing our iPhone app for some time," says Oleg Gutsol, 500px's CEO. "However, we only release a new product or an update when it meets our high aesthetic and functional standards and enhances our photographers' experience."

And high aesthetic and functional standards they certainly are. The app offers the same lush, premium experience afforded to visitors of 500px's excellent website. A bewildering array of stunning images is now in the palm of your hand.

Grid layout allows you to view 15 photos at once... on iPhone 5

There is improved interaction with other members of the 500px community, including notifications when others 'like' or 'favourite' your photos. You can stay up to date with your friends' activity with the app's newsfeed-esque Flow, and as with the website there is every piece of information you could require about each of the photos.

One disappointment is that you can't buy hi-res digital images from the app - this feature is only available on the (also-revised) iPad version of the app. But it is the only black mark against what is a must-have app for anyone even vaguely interested in photography.

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Key info

  • Price: Free
  • Works with: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (requires iOS 5.0 or later)
  • Version: 2.0
  • App size: 20.0MB
  • Developer: 500px Inc
  • Age rating: 4+

The Verdict


out of 10


A beautiful app that utilises the Retina display to devastating effect. Anyone with a passing interest in photography must have this.