Shell-shocking 3D ident for MTV

London-based creative studio Mainframe creates shells with brash and synthetic pop patterning for annual music festival Isle of MTV.

Now in its seventh year, live music festival Isle of MTV brings 50,000 music fans to sunny Malta - and it recently needed an eye-catching ident.

Having worked with Mainframe for over a decade, MTV's brief to the motion graphics house was remarkably focused: "They asked for oversized shells with brash, synthetic pop patterning, invading the idyllic Maltese landscape," recalls executive producer adam Jenns.

They asked for oversized shells with brash, synthetic pop patterning

Mainframe played on the 'pop invasion' theme, emphasising the link between nautilus seashells found on the beach, and the cochlea in the human ear. "We had to animate the shells exactly in time with the music," adds Jenns, "and because it was the full TV graphics package as well as the promos, the quantity of shots was also challenging."

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