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12 terrific calendar designs for 2017

2016 has been quite the year! The good news is the New Year is right around the corner. To celebrate, how about adorning your walls with something completely lovely, like a designer calendar? You could make your own with this selection of free calendar templates. Short of time? Here’s a collection of 10 stellar designs in an assortment of visual styles – enjoy! 

01. Calendar Poster Prints by Simon McCade 

Simon McCade’s calendar design is a grid-based Giclee poster printed on ultra matte paper in deep jade and coral. The minimalist and organised design contains the entire year plus England and Wales bank holidays.   

02. The Letterpress Calendar 2017 

Get inspired and ornament your walls with the Creative Manifesto Letterpress Calendar by Fabien Barral, aka Mr. Cups. The limited edition design is made by a team of nine graphic designers and typographers and engraved in wood with each cover engraved one at a time. The result is a highly-crafted and visually diverse design master work. 

03. The Mini Calendar 

Risotto Studio makes gorgeous risograph calendars each year. The Mini is a smartly patterned and colourful little specimen sized 8cmx20cm with a convenient red loop, so you can hang it by your desk.   

04. 2017 Calendar AOZORA 

Kyoko Nemoto’s 2017 illustrated calendar is sweet, funny and printed in cheerful colours. It’s sure to raise one’s spirits because, sometimes all you need is to stare at a drawing of a polar bear on a fishing expedition 

05. Durido Doodles Calendar 

Doodles have been de rigueur this year. It seems the quaint doodle is refreshing and heartwarming in a post-digital world. The Doodles calendar by Durido is chock full of doodle artwork. Durido also has many other delightful hand-illustrated calendars at their Etsy shop. 

06. 2017 Folk Calendar 

Rifle Paper Co’s Folk Calendar includes 12 hand-painted illustrations inspired by folk art and textiles from an array of cultures. The desk calendar is sized 6 x 7.5 and comes in colours like charcoal black, Spanish pink and vermillion. 

07. One Seven Calendar 

For a stylish and premium calendar design look no further than Kristina Krogh’s One Seven Calendar. The letterpress poster-sized calendar has metallic copper foil for typography and bordering and is printed on dark green uncoated 175 gsm quality paper. 

08. 365 Days Calendar 

The 365 Days risograph calendar designed by O.OO and Panyuchou is an attuned exploration of geometric shape and colour. The calendar is sized 17’ and is a limited edition set of 350. 

09. Huetown I Still See the X Lunar Calendar 

The I Still See the X letterpress lunar calendar by Alex Thibodeau is now in its 10th year. The calendar chronicles the phases of the moon and includes all original illustrations. The design uses silver metallic foil on French Paper Company’s acid-free 269 gsm Pop-tone Razzle Berry cover. Each calendar is blind-debossed with artist Thibodeau’s name and the print studio he worked with, DWRI Letterpress. Calendars are sized 19 x 11.75, the size of the golden rectangle. 

10. Studio on Fire Calendar 

The Studio on Fire calendar is a bright and beautiful letterpress desk calendar. The 2017 calendar is themed 'Secrets and Lies' and includes the illustrated interpretations of talented artists Emma Thrithart, Brian Gunderson, Lunar Saloon, Pavlov Visuals, Studio on Fire and Brave the Woods. The design is printed in pink, yellow, blue and metallic grey.   

11. The Anaptar Calendar 

The Anaptar poster calendar is an information design feat that blends art and science in an impressive visual presentation. The design presents as a circular softly coloured orb, but on closer look holds layers of calendar data related to the Sun, Moon and planets.   

12. Color Swatch Calendar 2017 

The Color Swatch Calendar from studio Vonfreyhold Visual Communication includes a set of 365 CMYK colours for each day of the year. The colours are curated and provide on-trend inspiration for designers. Each day a colour strip can be torn and collected in a keepsake box, and a new colour remains for the next day. Palettes can be assembled and recombined using the strips, providing a tactile IRL way to think about colour. The calendars include CMYK number values and are printed on chromo cardboard from Fedrigoni. 

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