6 reasons why you need a daylight lamp

The Daylight Company Techne lamp
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Having the right amount of quality light is essential when you're working on visual projects, whether you're an artist, designer, crafter or hobbyist, or if you're working from home or putting in long hours on complex projects. If your lighting isn't up to scratch you may find yourself struggling to see fine details and accurate colours, and you could end up feeling exhausted from the effect that poor light can have on your visual system.

A standard overhead light simply isn't good enough to provide you with the illumination you need for creative work. Instead you need a task light that can mimic daylight at a temperature that makes all those details stand out and that won't tire your eyes out, and which you can easily adjust so that you have the light exactly where you need it.

To do this properly you need a lamp from The Daylight Company. Read on to find out how a daylight lamp can make a positive change to your working life as well as improving your own wellbeing.

The Daylight difference

The Daylight difference

(Image credit: The Daylight Company)

If you're interested in a daylight lamp and you've been shopping around online, you'll have probably seen a whole load of options that look pretty good and come in much cheaper than lamps from The Daylight Company. So why should you pay more?

The answer is the Daylight difference. The Daylight Company has over 30 years' experience providing top-notch illumination for its customers, with a particular focus on understanding the needs of artists, designers and other creatives – what they do and how they do it – and working out solutions to make their lives easier.

With this information the company designs, develops, tests and manufacturers its lamps with the best materials and strict processes to ensure reliability and consistency. When you buy a task light from The Daylight Company you can be sure that it'll meet or even surpass your expectations, and that it's built to last.

While you might save money in the short term on a cheaper option, you may find it's made out of cheaper materials, doesn't provide you with the level and quality of illumination that you expected, isn't as adjustable as you might hope, and is unlikely to keep on going reliably for years.

That's why it pays to opt for the Daylight difference, and here are six more reasons why a task light from The Daylight Company would be a wise investment for any creative.

01. Reduced eyestrain

When you're working for hours on intricate design projects under inadequate lighting conditions, eyestrain can become a real problem. Eyestrain's about more than having tired eyes at the end of a long day; it can result in blurred vision, headaches, a sore neck, shoulders or back and difficulty concentrating.

A daylight lamp can really help reduce eyestrain, by giving you all the illumination you need to focus on creative tasks, without your optic system having to work overtime to make up for poor lighting. If you're struggling to see fine details, even under the best lighting conditions, The Daylight Company  has a wide selection of lamps and magnifiers that will bring everything into sharp focus.

02. Total colour accuracy

The Daylight Company art and graphics

(Image credit: The Daylight Company)

Getting colours exactly right is a big deal, which is why many designers work with high-end, calibrated monitors where what you see on-screen is guaranteed to match the final printed product. So why would you work in an environment where you can't be entirely sure that the colours you're working with are spot-on?

When it comes to lighting there are two factors to consider for colour accuracy. The first is the Kelvin temperature; anything between 5500-6500 is equivalent to daylight. The second factor is the Colour Rendering Index, or CRI, which is a measurement of the way light affects how we see colour. It ranges from 0-100, where 100 represents natural daylight providing maximum colour accuracy.

The Daylight Company's lamps provide light at 6000K, which is comfortably within the daylight range, and they're rated at 95+ CRI, which means that they'll provide you the best possible colour accuracy short of going outside to check your colours on a sunny day.

03. Improved ergonomics

The Daylight Company Studio Lamp

(Image credit: The Daylight Company)

It's not enough to merely have optimum lighting levels; if you want to reduce eyestrain and fatigue when you're working on creative tasks, you need to be able to easily get the lighting you need directly on your work. That's why you need adjustable-arm lighting that you're in complete control of.

Lighting is as ergonomically important as the rest of your studio equipment; you don't want to be constantly hunching over papers and straining your eyes to see your work properly, and so you need to bring the light to you, rather than have to work around a fixed lighting solution. With The Daylight Company's adjustable desk and floor lights you can optimise your workspace in a way that suits you.

04. Reduced shadows

The Daylight Company Slimline lamp

(Image credit: The Daylight Company)

Overhead lighting can be fine for everyday work, but when you're dealing with creative projects and need to see the fine details all the time, you'll find that it can result in unwanted shadows, uneven light, glare and other conditions that can stress your vision.

With a dedicated task light you'll get even lighting just where you need it, reducing shadows and ensuring that you can clearly see what you're working on at all times.

05. Better concentration

The Daylight Company Smart Go

(Image credit: The Daylight Company)

Ever found that you're having trouble concentrating on your work? It could be down to your lighting setup. Research has found that working under a low-temperature lighting regime of, say, 3000K can seriously impact your performance, while having lighting with a high colour temperature can provide several benefits, including improved concentration and thought clarity, greater mental acuity and reduced drowsiness.

With a colour temperature of 6000K, The Daylight Company's lamps could be just what you need to boost your concentration level and work more effectively.

06. More time to do the work you love

The Daylight Company Electra

(Image credit: The Daylight Company)

Nobody wants to work long hours, however if you're engrossed in a passion project or a hobby, you may find that poor lighting can limit the amount of time you're able to put into your work. And thanks to all the reasons listed above, you may find that investing in a daylight lamp can enable you to spend more time with the work or hobbies that you love, and help you get greater satisfaction from your end results.

Need to know more? You can find out more about The Daylight Company and see a selection of its range of task lights here, or simply head straight to The Daylight Company website to order the perfect lamp for your lighting requirements.

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