Don't worry creators, AI isn't coming for your job (yet)

image of a sunset with computer generated hills
(Image credit: Artur Debat via Getty Images)

In today's marketing landscape, the influence of generative AI is undeniable. ChatGPT has already surpassed 100 million monthly active users – something that took even industry giants like Netflix a decade to accomplish. With the mounting pressure to demonstrate ROI and deliver high-quality work within tighter budgets and timelines, the capabilities of generative AI couldn't have come at a more important moment for marketers.

So, how can marketers and creative teams fully embrace AI as an integral part of their marketing strategies and a valuable ally in creating unforgettable brand experiences? And how can the best AI art generators help things along?

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Steve Phillips
Co-founder and CEO, Zappi

Steve Phillips is the co-founder and CEO of Zappi, the world’s leading consumer insights platform built for brands. With more than 20 years of experience demystifying consumer insights, Steve founded Zappi in 2012 to digitise market research and empower creators with data to inspire, optimise and validate their best ideas.