CGI fantasy takes leaps with Reallusion's Character Creator, iClone, and Cinema 4D

John Yim animation
(Image credit: John Yim)

John Yim is a Chartered Architect at Spink Partners based in London. He has worked on a wide range of projects across the UK, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, including property development and landscape design.

His growing passion for crafting unbuilt architecture with technology has gradually driven him to take on the role of a CGI artist, delivering visuals that not only serve as client presentations but also as means of communication among the design and construction team. Since the 2021 COVID lockdown, he challenged himself to take courses in CG disciplines beyond architecture and has since won more than a dozen CG competitions. His work has been featured on Maxon, Artstation, CG Record, and 80.LV.

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