Cure video compatibility headaches with Movavi Video Converter

Movavi Video Converter
(Image credit: Movavi)

Working with video formats can be a minefield, whether you're producing video as part of your creative business or simply trying to watch a downloaded video on a platform that refuses to play ball. Choosing the wrong type of video format might mean that that your TV, tablet or phone simply doesn't want to know about it, and it can also cause problems if you're producing video content for a client and their systems can't cope with it.

It doesn't help that there are any number of file formats that you can choose and a similarly bewildering choice of video codecs. Pick the wrong combination, and you could end up with something that works for you but won't play for anyone else, or you could unwittingly produce an enormous file that takes ages to download or is too big for your preferred file transfer service. So if you want to ensure that as many people as possible can see your video or download your latest showreel, it pays to get the video format right.

That's where Movavi Video Converter can save you a world of headaches. It's a smart but straightforward program that enables you to quickly and easily output video in a format that's guaranteed to play on the platforms you're targeting, and makes it simple to get the right resolution and aspect ratio and find the perfect quality settings and file size.

Get the results you need

Movavi Video Converter

There's a vast selection of video formats you can export (Image credit: Movavi)

Movavi Video Converter is easy to get to grips with, but powerful and versatile enough to deliver exactly the results you need. It offers a smooth and user-friendly experience, so that on the most basic level you can feed it a video file and get a converted version out in just a few quick clicks.

If you have very specific video requirements, though, it's just as simple to use and fully capable of meeting your needs. It's compatible with just about every video file format and codec you can imagine – as well as plenty that you didn't know about or had forgotten even existed – so it'll happily work with pretty much any video file you have, and convert it to practically any format you might wish for.

Easy conversion tools

Movavi Video Converter

Movavi Video converter also lets you trim, merge and even add effects to your videos (Image credit: Movavi)

Need a file that's certain to play on your iPad? If you plug it into your PC or Mac via USB, Movavi Video Converter will spot it and suggest the best format to use for your converted video. Movavi Video Converter allows you to target a huge selection of devices and formats for sure-fire compatibility, and if you prefer to take control for yourself it provides you with all the options you need. So whether you simply want to turn an .AVI into a .MOV, or need to output your latest 4K masterpiece in H.265 so that you can combine maximum quality with the smallest possible file size, Movavi Video Converter makes it all as painless as possible.

If you have a stack of files that need converting, Movavi Video Converter is easy to set up for batch jobs, and it also enables you to do some light editing: you can trim and crop your video, adjust the colours so that everything looks perfect and even insert effects. You can merge multiple videos into a single file, and for added accessibility you can add subtitles to your converted videos too.

More than just video

Movavi Video Converter

It's easy to compress video to the size you need (Image credit: Movavi)

Beyond video, Movavi Video Converter makes it just as easy to convert audio and images as well, again with an enormous range of supported file types; essentially it's a Swiss Army knife for all your media.

Movavi Video Converter is available now for £45.95 for a personal license; a business license is also available for an annual subscription fee of £69.95. There's a seven-day trial version that you can download to get a taste of Movavi Video Converter's features, and Movavi also provides a free online tool that'll quickly convert your video to any of the most popular formats. Find it all over at the Movavi site.

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