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The logos of three of the best video editing software programs, Premiere Pro, CyberLink Power Director and Davini Resolve

(Image credit: Future / Premiere Pro / CyberLink / Blackmagic DesignResolve)

Top 4 picks↴
1. Best overall: Premiere Pro
2. Best free: DaVinci Resolve
3. Best value: PowerDirector
4. Beginner: Premiere Elements
5. Best Mac/iPad: Final Cut Pro
6. Best for mobile: Premiere Rush
7. Best for social: Adobe Elements
8. No subscription: Pinnacle Studio
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Right now, the best video editing software is more in demand than ever. Because while generative AI might be able to convincingly ape art, illustration and photography, video is proving a tougher nut to crack. So while the days in which emerging tech such as Sora can create convincing video from simple text prompts may be on their way, our best is that it'll be a good few years yet.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro: The best video editing software overall - free 7 day trialGet the Premiere Pro free trial.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro: The best video editing software overall - free 7 day trial
Our top pick is the industry standard software for video editing. It supports every format, provides a huge amount of flexibility and is rapidly introducing new AI-powered tools to speed up editing. You can try it for free for seven days.
Get the Premiere Pro free trial.

2. DaVinci Resolve 19: The best free software - freeGet DaVinci Resolve for free

2. DaVinci Resolve 19: The best free software - free
This very complete professional video editing program is particularly good for colour grading and effects. We love its versatility, and the free version is easily the best free video editing software around, although it's a steep learning curve for beginners.
Get DaVinci Resolve for free


3. CyberLink PowerDirector - free 30-day trial
CyberLink's software is better for enthusiasts, both because of the price and the simpler interface. It still has lots of features, including new AI-powered object detection and background removal. There's also a free version.
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4. Premiere Elements free for 30 days: Best video editing software for beginners – 30-day free trialGet the Premiere Elements free trial

4. Premiere Elements free for 30 days: Best video editing software for beginners – 30-day free trial
New to video editing? This is the perfect option for you. Elements is a simple version of Premiere Pro, meaning it's easy to learn. Also subscription-free, and comes with a 30-day free trial.
Get the Premiere Elements free trial

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Adobe Premiere Pro scorecard
FeaturesIndustry-standard tools and new AI features.★★★★★
VersatilityWide ranging, although colour grading isn't the best.★★★★★
UsabilitySteep learning curve.★★★★
PricingSubscription model requires annual or monthly payment.★★★★
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DaVinci Resolve scorecard
FeaturesPro-level editing, effects and colour grading.★★★★
VersatilityCan handle everything up to Hollywood-level productions.★★★★★
UsabilitySteep learning curve.★★★★
PricingGreat value (or free!).★★★★★
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PowerDirector 365 scorecard
FeaturesStrong editing suite and new AI tools★★★
VersatilityMore for enthusiasts, but has another tools for vloggers★★★
UsabilityMore straightforward than professional editing programs★★★★★
PricingGood value subscription, plus free version★★★★★
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Premiere Elements scorecard
FeaturesLimited features but covers all the basics and more.★★★
VersatilityLacks multi-cam tools and 8K support.★★★
UsabilityClean, intuitive interface.★★★★★
PricingReasonable one-off price.★★★★★
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Final Cut Pro scorecard
FeaturesFull professional editing capabilities but updates have been lacking★★★
VersatilitySupport for up to 8K footage, 360 + HDR features★★★★
UsabilityGreat organisational features but may feel intimidating for beginners★★★★
PricingNot cheap, but there's no subscription★★★★
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Adobe Premiere Rush scorecard
FeaturesEditing tools lack precision control but are easy to use. ★★★
VersatilityCross-platform support, lots of export options and can handle up to 4K.★★★★
UsabilityA simple interface makes Premiere Rush easy to use on a phone.★★★★
PricingRequires a monthly subscription.★★★
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Adobe Express scorecard
FeaturesEditing tools are basic, but there are lots of templates and stock assets.★★★
VersatilityMainly useful for editing videos and posts for social media.★★★
UsabilityEasy to use once you know where to find things.★★★★
PricingAvailable for free but premium tools require a subscriptionion.★★★
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Pinnacle Studio scorecard