How to edit videos: the best tips for beginners

A woman learning how to edit videos
(Image credit: Seksan Mongkhonkhamsao via Getty Images)

Learning how to edit videos is a good skill to develop these days, and it's one that can be very rewarding. Video is more important than ever for all kinds of uses, including to showcase work, to promote products or services and for general social media use. 

Editing video is an essential part of filmmaking, and it can define the pace and feel of a piece as much as the filming itself. There's no 'right' or 'wrong' way to edit video, and all 'rules' can be broken, but certain concepts and pointers can help you learn how to edit video more quickly, reducing the amount of trial and error. You might want to make sure you have the best video editing software and one of the best laptops for video editing to get started, but if you're ready to go, read on for our essential tips.

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