5 principles of design illustrated with Google Fonts


While you don't have to have studied for a degree to be a successful designer, you do need an understanding of basic design principles.

You might have seen this helpful infographic outlining 20 of them, and here's another visual guide illustrating some vital design principles you need to know about.

Abhishek Garg illustrates symmetry using Playfair Display and Open Sans

It's the work of Mumbai-based designer Abhishek Garg, who's put a fascinating visual twist on his set of illustrations. He's taken a typographic approach in each case, and rather than opt for expensive typefaces, he's done the entire project using free Google Fonts.

The rule of thirds is brought to life with Oranienbaum and Newton

Garg, a freelancer who works as a user interface and graphic designer, neatly illustrates five key concepts over the course of this project: white space, symmetry, contrast, the rule of thirds and alignment.

This cool blue display of alignment uses Fjalla One and Prata

And as well as creating the images themselves, he also provides all the information you need about how he created the images, with details of the fonts used as well as font size, line height and letter spacing for each text element.

See how it's all done over at the project page on Behance

You can see the full set of images – complete with behind-the-scenes breakdowns – over at Behance.