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Nintendo Switch Memorial Day Sale live blog: some deals are still live!

While the bulk of Memorial Day Nintendo Switch deals have now ended, there are still some deals worth reporting on.

The Nintendo Switch Memorial Day Sale 2023.
(Image: © Future)

Memorial Day 2023 may have come and gone, but there are still some live deals worth shouting about. Below you'll find quick links to the best that we can currently find. We'll be checking in this week for the current best deals, and report on them until they run out.

We've been covering the best Nintendo Switch Memorial Day deals for a few years now, and found that although the bulk of deals are on the Memorial Day Monday, some live long past that date. Given the usual scarcity of Nintendo Switch discounts, we'll also be watching out for bundle deals, games and accessories like controllers, SD cards and even cases. 


Best games console; a Nintendo Switch OLED on a white background

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Welcome to the blog. Nintendo Switch deals tend to be far and few between so far but if any Memorial Day Switch deals come up, you can be sure you'll find out about there here. 

The only real deal that we're seeing so far is a discount on a UK import of the gorgeous Nintendo Switch OLED, now $349 $324.99 at Amazon (in red/blue – or the white for $329). That's a saving of almost $25 (or $20 for the white) on the usual US price, which is a better deal than we expect to see on a US Switch. Just be aware that you'll need an adapter for the UK plug or a charger from another device (and of course, the device will take a few days to arrive).

nintendo switch super mario odyssey

(Image credit: Nintendo)

As expected, the quantity of Nintendo Switch deals so far this weekend hasn't been the best. It usually takes a little while to warm up, and we expect the deals to start coming in this evening and Monday. So what's the best deal to report so far? 

It's actually on a Switch game. Right now you can get Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville for only $19.99 at Target. Target also has Super Mario Odyssey on at $49.99 (saving you $10).

Photo of Nintendo Switch console box and games

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Often when looking for the best Nintendo Switch deal, you're best to actually look for bundle deals, not just the console by itself. This bundle deal from Walmart includes the OLED console and the games Super Mario Party, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, 1-2 Switch, Arms, Overcooked 2, Kirby Star Allies, all for just $639.99. You'll save $147 on this deal right now at Walmart.

Nintendo Switch OLED Zelda edition

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Attention all Zelda super-fans! Walmart has a few bundle deals on the fancy-schmancy limited edition Zelda Switch OLED – you can ogle it in the picture above. If you're serious about this, you've got a top tier bundle, which includes pretty much everything you could ever need to get deep into Zelda on the Switch. 

This means the 2023 Nintendo Switch OLED Zelda Limited Edition 7 in 1 Collection, the Green & Gold Joy-Con 64GB Console, a Hylian Themed Dock, The Legend of Zelda three game bundle (Tears of the Kingdom, Breath of the Wild, and Skyward Sword) and three Mytrix Accessories for NS OLED Console. This includes a screen protector, microfiber cleaning cloth, and cute joystick caps (4pcs) for Switch Joystick (always handy). Plus there's a wide adjustable stand and the wired LAN port. All this is reduced by $70 from $599.99 to $529.99

Or you can ditch a few of these add ons for a cheaper overall price, still saving you up to $80. Check out all the bundles here.

A close up of a Nintendo Switch Pro controller.

(Image credit: Nintendo)

So far, the best Nintendo Switch deal we've found on a standalone console is the UK import, which knocks a healthy $25 off the price of a red/blue Switch OLED, bringing it from 349.99 to $324.91 – catch up with that one on Amazon (you can also get the white version for $329.99).

But you can grab yourself a Nintendo Switch Pro controller with a rare discount over at Walmart – and, let's be honest, you'll want one of these beauties. Sure, the $11 discount doesn't sound overwhelming but this model is not on offer everyday (and the absolute cheapest I've seen it go for is $54.99) so getting it for $58.77 instead of $69.99 is no bad thing.

The best Nintendo Switch OLED deal today

(Image credit: Future/NIntendo)

If you're into saving money, a refurbished model could be the way to go. And Best Buy has Geek Squad-certified renewed Switch consoles ready for the picking this Memorial Eve. Currently you can save a very-nice-indeed $50 on an OLED console, knocking the price down from the RRP of $349.99 to $299.99 at Best Buy. This console has been 'painstakingly tested' to ensure it's ready to use, so there's no worry about buying something that's not brand new.

Nintendo Switch OLED deal

(Image credit: Nintendo / Future)

Well hello there. The clock has ticked over into Memorial Day itself, and we're here with our eyes peeled (propped up with matches, let's be honest, it is the middle of the night) for any and all offers on Nintendo Switch swag that pop up throughout the day. 

And actually, there is a new deal on an actual console already. We've already mentioned that UK import, which has had a pretty tasty $25 price cut, but for that one you'd need an adapter, which doesn't suit everyone. 

So you might be more interested in this five per cent discount on a OLED Switch that won't need any sort of adapter. Yup the neon blue/red model is knocked down from $349.99 to $333.40 at Amazon

Sure, it's not a huge saving but after many years hunting for Switch deals, we know that anything you can save is often a bonus. Or, you can hang on and see if things get even better throughout the day. If you've got steady nerves then you do you. 

Sonic game deal

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Here's a decent Nintendo Switch Memorial Day deal on a game for fans of our favourite blue hedgehog. You can pick up Sonic Frontiers for the Switch for $59.99 $45.30 at Amazon.

Nintendo Switch

(Image credit: Nintendo)

One of the most frustrating things about looking for Nintendo Switch deals is that there's still an awful amount of markups about. One listing of the original Switch console in grey on Amazon claims that it's reduced from $349.99 to $308.99. Sounds like a good deal, right? The problem is that the recommended retail price of the original Switch is $299, so even with the discount, this is still an inflated price.

To help with your own deal hunting, remember that Nintendo's retail prices for the Switch are $299 for the original model, $349 for the OLED and $199 for the Lite. For the record, we're not seeing any direct discounts on the original Switch console, but you can get the console in grey for the recommended price of $299 at Amazon, so there's no need to fall for that fake deal above.

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Actual deals on the Switch are few and far between this Memorial Day, but there are some bargains to be had on peripherals, such as this SanDisk 128GB microSDXC card, which is licensed for the Switch and now costs $14.99 at Amazon, as opposed to the usual $34.99. This is the lowest we've ever seen this card.

Nintendo Switch Lite Blue

We rate the colour, too (Image credit: Nintendo)

There's a small (and we mean small) saving to be had on the Switch Lite in Blue. It costs $192 instead of $199 at Amazon. With the deals (or lack of) we're seeing so far, we'll take it! 

The Animal Crossing New Horizons game

(Image credit: Nintendo)

The ever-popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons is discounted to $49.94 at both Walmart and Amazon at the moment, that's for the physical copy. This game is still on sale at its original price of $59.99 at the Nintendo Store, and that's whether you want a digital or physical copy.

Buy Animal Crossing: New Horizons from Walmart for $49.94

Buy Animal Crossing: New Horizons from Amazon at $49.94

About an hour and a half ago, we blogged about the Switch Lite in blue costing $192 rather than $199 at Amazon. And in the rollercoaster that is Amazon pricing and Memorial Day deals, we are sad to report that that deal is no longer available. As you were!

Nintendo Switch OLED deal

(Image credit: Nintendo / Future)

Hello to any new Switch hunters who've arrived on this blog 👋

Just to recap, the best deal we can find out the Nintendo Switch OLED model (US version) is from Amazon, and it costs $333.40, down from $349.99. There's only one left in stock so go quickly!

Buy the Switch OLED for $333.40 from Amazon 

If you want the European version, so don't mind having the wrong plug, and waiting a while for it to arrive, you can get it for $329.

Buy the Switch OLED (European version) for $329 at Amazon

We're sorry to say that the only deal we've seen on a Nintendo Switch OLED has sold out (you know, that one that knocked it down by $16 at Amazon). That only leaves the European deal, which now has the white and red/blue versions with almost $25 off at Amazon – now $325 (ish). You'll need an adapter but if that doesn't matter to you then it's not a bad option (well, it's your only option, let's be honest).

But we'll keep looking, and maybe something will show up later (we'll be praying to the Nintendo gods).

Just Dance 2023

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Fancy a little fun to brighten up the lack of decent offerings? Well, if you'd like a Switch game for as cheap as they come, Just Dance 2023 is on sale with 70 per cent off – now just $17.99 at Amazon. Because you may as well stock up on games for when the console offers come flooding in, right? (Okay, we're starting to admit defeat on that front.)

Nintendo Switch OLED

(Image credit: Nintendo)

So, Memorial Day has come to an end. It was a bit of a flop from a Nintendo Switch perspective, but we've enjoyed hunting out any offer we can find. If you didn't manage to find what you wanted this time, keep checking in on Creative Bloq as we're always looking for decent Switch prices to pass on. 

We'll keep an eye out over the next few hours for anything surprising, but for now, it's that European import with $25 off at Amazon that steals the show – and of course all of those stunning Zelda bundles at Walmart