The brave new world of working from home

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Recently, many of us have found ourselves working from home for the first time, and while this new way of working provides plenty of opportunities, there are also challenges as well.

This is particularly challenging for content creators and digital creatives who require powerful PCs to help them with their work. It’s not always possible to set up a powerful workstation PC at home, which is why mobile workstations, such as the HP ZBook Create, can help.

This offers some of the most powerful components you can find in a PC, all wrapped up in a gorgeous thin and light laptop body. For video editors, 3D animators, game designers and anyone who needs to render high definition footage or complex 3D models, and who have now found they need to work from home more often, then the new HP ZBook Create laptop is the perfect tool that can help you with your creative work - wherever you are.

And, if you’re looking for some creative inspiration, check out HP’s Rightbrainers podcast, where HP Creative Producer Tito Hamze and a range of guests look at the latest technology trends and how they can impact your creative workflow. 

(Image credit: HP)

Everything you need in a space-saving design

One of the biggest hurdles when working from home is finding the space to work. Not everyone is lucky enough to have dedicated office or studio space in their homes, and even if they do, it can be tricky to fit in all of the equipment you need to work.

The HP ZBook Create helps solve this problem by offering pretty much everything you need in a thin, light and compact package measuring just 13.9 x 9.2 x 0.7 inches and weighing 4.23lbs.

While these slimline dimensions mean it’s easy to set up almost anywhere, HP has also managed to pack the laptop with cutting edge components, including a powerful Intel Core i9 processor, Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics cards and up to 32GB of RAM. This offers you a level of performance you’d usually expect to find in a desktop PC – but in a much smaller package.

So, what kind of workflow would benefit from the Nvidia GeForce RTX, for example? These cutting-edge graphics cards can help companies create detailed 3D models of their products so that they can fine-tune their designs in real-time. It also allows companies to then market their products while they are still being manufactured! Architects can create buildings and explore them with their clients, and animators and game developers can add realistic ray tracing lighting effects and edit them in real-time, without having to wait for scenes to render.

This drastically speeds up any workflow that relies on 3D modelling and means you and your colleagues can complete more tasks faster. And, the faster a project completes, the sooner you can begin on the next one.

The gorgeous 15.6-inch 4K IPS screen, meanwhile, offers a billion on screen colours, along with 100% DCI-P3 coverage (essential for video editors) and HDR (High Dynamic Range) capability. Thanks to HP’s DreamColor technology, you get a built-in screen with the HP ZBook Create that is so good, you won’t need to use an external monitor. You’ll be able to make photorealistic graphics that will give real-life a run for its money.

The same goes for the HP ZBook Create’s speakers. Custom-tuned by Bang and Olufsen, and with 150Hz of bass, these speakers let you hear music the way the musicians intended. And, if you’re in the music business yourself, it means you don’t need external speakers either – again saving you precious space.

As you’ll be working on the HP ZBook Create a lot, you’ll need to feel comfortable, and with the HP Premium Quiet Keyboard, you get a typing experience that’s more responsive, comfortable, and quiet than ever before. 

The HP ZBook Create also harnesses the power of Wi-Fi 6, so you get faster data transfer speeds, as well as stronger and more reliable Wi-Fi coverage if you have a compatible router.

Keeping in contact

Another big challenge with working from home is keeping in contact with work colleagues and clients. But, as the HP ZBook Create proves, even if we’re further apart these days, it doesn’t mean we still can’t collaborate closely.

The 720p HD webcam with Temporal Noise Reduction lets you keep in contact with everyone face-to-face in perfect clarity, and the pre-installed HP Noise Cancellation software means you can use the built-in microphone to take part in meetings, calls, and presentations and sound as good as you look.

With the HP ZBook Create running Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Home, you’ll get access to essential tools for keeping in contact with colleagues while working from home, including Skype, Slack, and Zoom.

You can also take advantage of tools such as ZCentral Remote Boost, which allows you to remotely connect to a powerful workstation PC, giving the HP ZBook Create even more firepower, and letting you make use of your work equipment without being in the office.

(Image credit: HP)

The way we’re working is changing, but with the HP ZBook Create, you can stay productive, connected, and safe, no matter where you work.

Find out more about how Z by HP can power your breakthrough and unlock the next chapter of your creative evolution. 

HP ZBook Create
Unleash your creativity with this amazingly powerful mobile workstation that sets a new standard for serious creators. Thin, light, and powerful, with Nvidia RTX graphics this is a laptop that offers performance a pro deserves.

HP ZBook Create
Unleash your creativity with this amazingly powerful mobile workstation that sets a new standard for serious creators. Thin, light, and powerful, with Nvidia RTX graphics this is a laptop that offers performance a pro deserves.

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