CA Inspiration - 24 November

The latest volume in our ever-expanding inspirational collection, as curated by Jim McCauley

Kerry Hyndman Sleeper

Kerry Hyndman - Sleeper

Zoran Pungerar Throes of Art

Zoran Pungerar - Throes of Art

Tassos Papaioannou Doctor

Tassos Papaioannou - Doctor

Alessandro Novelli - About a White Page

Pronto Pixel Self Promo Mailer

Pronto Pixel - Self Promo Mailer

Christopher Ross Untitled

Christopher Ross - Untitled

Owen Gatley The World

Owen Gatley - The World - via Definitely Baggy

Beeld - PIX Id C - via Oliver Sin

Pixel One Mr Monocle

Pixel One - Mr Monocle

Evelyn Siegmund Untitled

Evelyn Siegmund - Untitled

Pixel Dandy Horrorgami

Pixel Dandy - Horrorgami - via Nikki Scott

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