Fun flowchart explains exactly when you should work for free

This no-nonsense graphic shows why artists deserve to get paid.

Art flow chart

Don't waste your time by working for free!

We've all heard excuses like "it'll be great exposure," or, "it'll look great in your design portfolio," when clients explain why they don't want to cough up the cash. But it's simple: don't work for free. Whether you're working from home or busy sending out letterpress business cards to get yourself noticed, as an artist you should only work for clients who are willing to pay for your work.

To make it easy enough to understand for even the most short-sighted of clients, this bright and brutal flow chart spells out in simple steps why artists deserve to get paid every single time.

Created by Peppermintmonster and Kelley McMorris, we're sure that lots of artists will be able to relate to this financial struggle. But now you know what to do the next time a client doesn't want to pay you.

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