Graphic design limitations revealed

This painfully funny Venn diagram shows how clients get what they pay for.

How would you like your graphic design ven diagram

How many times has your client demanded all of these?

In a dream world, graphic designers would be free to create their masterpieces in private, away from the annoying demands of irritating clients. Sadly this isn't the case and instead graphic designers have to work within the constraints this Venn diagram highlights with painful accuracy.

Created by designer Colin Harman, this diagram lays out the four main limitations graphic designers usually have to deal with. These include that the work is 'fast', 'cheap', 'great' and 'free'. Tall orders in and of themselves, but even then there's a catch: you can only pick two of these to work with.

These result is terrible no matter which way you slice it. You want fast and great work? Not going to happen. How about free and fast? Just go away. One day clients will learn. One day.


Dom Carter is staff writer at Creative Bloq. Coming from an SEO and web copywriting background, Dom first came to Future for a week of work experience at SFX magazine. Away from the office, Dom likes to write scripts and short stories, and watch an unhealthy amount of Doctor Who.