AI art is only a threat if we let "prompt-jockeys" take control

One of the questions that arises in my mind is how we can make generative AI art an actual meaningful creative tool that does our bidding, instead of doing its own thing. The 'slot machine' effect is very widespread in generative AI tools, and very rarely do you get anything out that resembles the image you had in your mind as you were going in.

I believe generative AI art tools can be an ally for artists, helping us improve workflows, find new ideas and speed up creativity. The generic nature of AI art can work in our favour, as text prompts alone really can't replace the imagination of artists. This gets to the very heart of what AI means for creativity, and how we manage its use.

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Martin Nebelong
Freelance artist

Martin is a freelance illustrator living in Denmark, with more than 17 years of professional art and illustration experience. He holds a BA and MA in Digital Design from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation. Martin's client list includes: Media Molecule, The UN, Sony, Facebook, LEGO, DR (Danish state TV), TV2, Adobe, WACOM, Nestlé, B&O, Spigo, MasterpieceVR, Oculus and various small and large companies.