Don't fear AI art tools, they could be a digital artist's ally

AI art tools; a 3D render of a house in a forest clearing
(Image credit: Future / Martin Nebelong)

Before I go further into why I'm experimenting with AI art tools, let me give you a bit of background: As an artist, I've always been interested in new ways of telling stories through images. In my early 20s, I was among the first in Denmark to embrace digital painting as an art form. Being on the front line like that led me to work with some interesting clients and gave me a small glimpse of how the evolution of our creative tools can help break down the barrier between our imagination and our audience.

When the first VR sculpting tool arrived on the Oculus Rift, I was among the first to embrace that new, more immersive way of creating 3D. I did that full-time in my daily work for a few years using tools like Oculus, Medium and Quill.

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Martin Nebelong
Freelance artist

Martin is a freelance illustrator living in Denmark, with more than 17 years of professional art and illustration experience. He holds a BA and MA in Digital Design from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation. Martin's client list includes: Media Molecule, The UN, Sony, Facebook, LEGO, DR (Danish state TV), TV2, Adobe, WACOM, Nestlé, B&O, Spigo, MasterpieceVR, Oculus and various small and large companies.