How to use AI to transform a Photoshop sketch into a finished painting in real time

AI Photoshop tutorial; a painting sketch of a countryside cottage
(Image credit: Future / Martin Nebelong)

Creating art using AI needn't lack creativity or diminish core art skills. There's a way to enable AI to develop your digital art live, in real time, as you draw and paint. In this tutorial I explore how to create environment art use of Photoshop and Krea AI with Screen2image.

Anyone who’s used text-to-image AI art generators knows that you can certainly get a pretty picture of AI image generation, but it very rarely looks anything like the image you had in mind before typing your prompt. This is very unlike what we’re used to in most of our more traditional workflows.

Martin Nebelong
Freelance artist

Martin is a freelance illustrator living in Denmark, with more than 17 years of professional art and illustration experience. He holds a BA and MA in Digital Design from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation. Martin's client list includes: Media Molecule, The UN, Sony, Facebook, LEGO, DR (Danish state TV), TV2, Adobe, WACOM, Nestlé, B&O, Spigo, MasterpieceVR, Oculus and various small and large companies.