Paint with Photoshop – create a beautiful digital art portrait

Paint with Photoshop
(Image credit: Ayran Oberto)

Experimenting with how to paint with Photoshop has always been a mission for illustrator Ayran Oberto. The idea for the artwork here is to paint a female portrait but with a sense of randomness; one that embraces mistakes. Oberto's lines, which he admits are "always flawed", tend to produce features the artist considers particularly attractive: thick lips, large eyes with long eyelashes, small pointed noses and hair that flows in all directions. 

In this tutorial Oberto broadly covers his process, if you want to try and emulate what he's doing you can download Photoshop and follow along. There are free Photoshop brushes to download and try for yourself, too.

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Ayran Oberto

Ayran Oberto is a freelance artist, illustrator, and concept artist. His digital art explores the stylisation of the human portrait. He also freelances in the advertising, film and video games industries. His clients include Zombie Studio,  West Studio, Leo Sanchez Studio, Unit Image, Paizo, Cryptozoic, Salix Games, ShenDesignWorks and The Drawing Agency.