How to flesh out your creature art using Photoshop

Photoshop tutorial
(Image credit: Kyle Brown)

Today we’re going to be adding costumes, armour and weaponry to a creature design using Photoshop. The point of this process is that we want a character, or really a creature that is a character, to have a bit of a personality and some brains to them. We want to show that this isn’t just this wild beast, there’s some semblance of intelligence, so it uses weapons and props, and dresses itself in clothing and armour for protection.

This is a great way to tell extra story and convey more character in your design. And to me, once you have the initial creature blocked out, it’s this fun, additional layer that you can work up alongside your design to get even further iterations out.

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Kyle Brown

Kyle is a concept artist living and working in Los Angeles. He also serves as an instructor with the Gnomon School of VFX, Games and Animation, as well as the College for Creative Studies, which is based in Detroit.