The 55 best free Photoshop brushes

47. Circular halftone brush set

Circular halftone Photoshop brush set

If you're painting comic art, this free halftone brush set will come in handy. Use it for comic-style shading in your designs. This high-res brush collection can be used for commercial and personal projects. 

Restrictions: Do not redistribute

48. Sketchy cartography brushes

Sketchy cartography Photoshop brushes

Create a Hobbit-style map with these sketchy cartography brushes from DeviantArt user StarRaven. The pack includes mountains, buildings, trees, grasses and a range of symbols. As well as a brush file, the download includes a transparent PNG file containing all the images. 

Restrictions: Ask permission for commercial use

49. Star brushes

Star Photoshop brushes

Here are six high-resolution star brushes from artist Austin Pickrell. "Just have fun," says the artist. "I would love to see what people do with them... and if you make millions from your piece, I want a helicopter."

Limitations: none

50. Magic spells

Magic spells Photoshop brushes

A quirky set of 21 brushes, each related to the overall moon theme, and featuring a mythological bias. Great for adding some whimsy, or accenting original illustrations.

Limitations: none

51. Fairy tales brush set

Fairy tales brush set

A useful collection of fractal renders at up to 2500px, gathered together under the theme of fairy tales due to their other-worldly appearance.

Limitations: none

52. Dynamic light brushes

Dynamic light Photoshop brushes

Create special lighting effects by using these brushes in combination with layer blending modes such as screen or vivid light.

Limitations: none

53. Night sky brushes

Night sky Photoshop brushes

This set of brushes includes 13 different night sky elements, including space dust, stars and moons.

Limitations: none

54. Stardust brushes

Stardust brushes

A set of 20 Photoshop brushes that add a sprinkle of diffused light orbs to bring a Disney-esque magic sparkle to your work. These high-res brushes can be used for personal and commercial work, with a credit. 

Limitations: Credit for commercial work.

55. Starfield

Starfield Photoshop brushes

Four brushes, each at 2500px square, allowing you to quickly create detailed star patterns and celestial dust clouds.

Limitations: personal use only; cannot be redistributed

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