18 of the best typewriter fonts

Typing on a typewriter with one of the best typewriter fonts
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The best typewriter fonts can be a great option for adding character and texture to various design pieces. Typewriter typefaces can create a vintage look evoking feelings of nostalgia. They can look old and distressed, and they can create mystery and suspense. But there are also typewriter fonts that are sleeks, clean and modern, making them an option for a wide range of uses.

Courier may be the most famous typewriter font, but there are plenty of others out there. Below, we listed some of the best typewriter fonts, we've seen. These are generally paid-for fonts, but we've aimed to include options that are very reasonably priced. Some of the prices vary depending on if you want the whole family or just an individual font.

If you're on a tighter budget, we've also made a our pick of the best free typewriter fonts, plus we have a roundup of the best free handwriting fonts and a mammoth selection of the best free fonts overall. You might also want to check our picks of the best Google fonts and best Adobe fonts.

Buy fonts from myfonts.com

Buy fonts from myfonts.com
Several of the fonts in our selection of the best typewriter fonts below can be purchased at Myfonts.com by Monotype. The site boasts over 130,000 fonts, including more than 900 free options.

The best typewriter fonts

01. Thesis Typewriter

Thesis typewriter font

Typewriter fonts: you can almost hear the clacking of this one (Image credit: Ana Parracho)

Right at the top of our list sits the Thesis Typewriter font. This typeface comes in three different styles (Weary, Regular and Bold) meaning it'll suit a multitude of projects. The cost of the Thesis Typewriter is $15/£9.99 for one of the three, but if you buy all three in a family package it's just $18/£12.99.

02. Detective 

Example of detective, one of the best typewriter fonts

Detective combines old-fashioned charm with modern sensibilities (Image credit: Inspirationfeed)

The Detective typewriter font is a moody and nostalgic typeface perfect for projects that require an element of mystery. What we like about this font is the fact that not all the letters are uniformly straight, meaning it gives an authentic and playful feel to your project. The font has been reduced from $17 to $13.60, so make sure you move quickly to bag yourself a great font at a great price.

03. FF Trixie

Example of FF Trixie, one of the best typewriter fonts

If a grungy typewriter feel is what you're after, you can't go wrong with Trixie

Now if you're looking for a versatile typewriter font, then Trixie is the typeface for you. There are 12 different variations of fonts in the Trixie family, meaning that whatever the project, there's a Trixie font suitable for it. This is a font suited to a higher budget as individual fonts costs either £39 or £59. You can of course splash out on the whole family for £588.

While this grungy font may seem a little pricey, it is definitely worth every penny; Trixie has apparently had quite the history, what with it being created in Nuremberg in the 1930s and its 'mother font' being Triumph Durabel.

04. Letter Gothic

An example of Letter Gothic, one of the best typewriter fonts

This typewriter-style font was designed for IBM (Image credit: URW Type Foundry)

Typewriter fonts aren't all about creating the distressed uneven ink look. Roger Roberson designed the sleek Letter Gothic for IBM in the early '60s. It has flat monospaced sans serif lettering, which is clean and beautiful. This cleaner typewriter typeface is available in a variety of different weights.

05. Scripter Serif

An example of Scripter Serif, one of the best typewriter fonts

Another one of the cleaner typewriter fonts around (Image credit: Typia nesia)

Here's another nice and clean typewriter font, but this one's a serif. It's highly legible, making it more suitable for logo and branding work but still has a clear typewriter feel. The clean lines make it feel more modern, so it's not necessarily one for creating a vintage look, but more the timeless elegance offered by a typewriter typeface.

06. Olivetti Typewriter

Sample of Olivetti Typewriter, one of the best typewriter fonts

Olivetti is great for mimicking the sloppy ink effect of older machines

Created by designer Iza W, this classic typewriter font is great for mimicking the sloppy ink effect of older typewriter machines. Available in five different weights, Olivetti is a great option for a traditional typewriter style.

07. Courier M

Sample of Courier M, one of the best typewriter fonts

Courier M was designed by Howard Kettler in 1956

A version of the classic Courier font, Courier M is a typewriter typeface that was designed by Howard Kettler in 1956. Released by font foundry URW, it's a clean, classic lightweight typewriter font.

08. Colón Mono

Sample of Colón Mono, one of the best typewriter fonts

Colón Mono was influenced by the aesthetic of a typewriter

A monospaced slab serif type family, Colón Mono was created by architect and graphic designer Ramiz Guseynov. It comes in two weights of roman and alternative styles and matching italics respectably.

09. Erased Typewriter 2

Sample text using Erased Typewriter, one of the best typewriter fonts

A distressed font, Erased Typewriter great for creating authentic feel

Erased Typewriter 2 is a distressed font from type designer Paulo W. It's great for creating an authentic type feel. You can customise your designs with a choice of four weights: regular, bold, italic and underscore.

10. LTC Remington Typewriter Pro Set

Sample text in Remington, one of the best typewriter fonts

This light weight typewriter font is beautiful and classical

LTC Remington Typewriter Pro is a beautiful classic lightweight typewriter font with a hint of class and unconventional characteristics in the letterforms. Far removed from the traditional bulky ink spilt typewriter style, this clean alternative is a great way to combine a hint of classic design with more technological visuals.

11. IHOF Typewriter

P22, one of the best typewriter fonts

P22 typewriter font is based on type found in old German documents

The P22 typewriter font was based on a typeface originally used in a document for a German type conference. Striking a balance between distress and clean legibility, it offers myriad uses. There's also now an underlined variant.

12. Intimo 

Intimo, one of the best typewriter fonts

This typewriter font cleverly uses dots to create an unique look (Image credit: Gareth Hague)

Intimo is quite a unique alternative typewriter font, that blend the simplicity of dots with typewriting stains. It offers something a bit different while retaining effortless readability and a nice visual effect in various sizes.

13. Aminta

Sample of Aminta, one of the best typewriter fonts

This quirky typewriter font takes cues from other type families

Typography designer Gareth Hague's Aminta Regular is a beautiful cross between the originality and depth of the typewriter courier classic and a sophisticated Helvetica touch added to create a modern balance. Designed and inspired by a series of drawing and handwriting experiments, it offers creatives an alternative lightweight serif font. Aminta Black is also a nice option as a more dominating version closer to the classic typeface of a traditional typewriter but still with a cleaner and more modern finish. The close proximity of the letters can make it look like someone has repeatedly pressed a key when the carriage is stuck!

14. Grandpa's Typewriter

Aminta Black typewriter font

Grandpa's Typewriter is great if you need a really distressed old typewriter look

If you want a really worn, smudgy old typewriter look for grainy or superimposed type, then Grandpa's Typewriter is a creative option. Designer Eduardo Recife based this five-font family on an antique Olivetti, and he includes all the effects you get from an old typewriter machine. There's a regular version, a strong hit version, a light distressed version, a double-hit version and intriguingly an X version, which is a compilation of typewriter mistakes, tests and stains. It's great for designs that require a distressed grungy look.

15. EF Mono

EF Mono typewriter font

Distressed look gives this typewriter typeface an interesting style

Designed by Ilko Höppin for the Elsner + Flake design studio, this is another playful alternative to the classic Courier typewriter font. The cutout effect and distorted lettering offer an interesting visual dynamic.

16. EF Techno Script

EF Techno Script, one of the best typewriter fonts

By contrast to Mono, above, this is a crisp, clean typewriter typeface

Another example brought to us by the Elsner + Flake design studio, Techno Script combines clean-cut digital elements with the typewriter aesthetic for a style that wouldn't look out of place in more modern applications.

17. Firenza

Example text using Firenza, one of the best typewriter fonts

The Firenza fonts are based on a design that was in use at the turn of the 19th century

Based on a design used at the turn of the 19th century, the Firenza font family has character shapes that resemble those which became common on typewriters throughout the second half of the 20th century. Each weight has a full character set of 232+ letterforms, with all characters designed in the style of the font.

18. Chapter 11

Chapter 11, one of the best typewriter fonts

Chapter 11 typewriter font is based on governmental typefaces

Chapter 11 is the perfect font if you're looking for an authentic typewriter feel redolent of official classified government papers and the like. Designed by Canadian typographer Rebecca Alaccari, it's a great typeface to use when you want to get creative with a more organic typewriter style.

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