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Pluralsight video course: Facial tracking & reconstruction with Nuke

Get this free video course from Pluralsight

In this course, VFX artist Peter Gend shows you how to use Nuke to track a face in your footage, reconstruct it using Maya and then match the CG face to the tracked data, allowing you to complete tricky effects, where you might not be able to use makeup, or the situation is too dangerous.

Software required: Nuke and Maya 

Download the video course here (3.2GB) 

Tutorial: Creating Game Worlds

Learn to make game worlds

Andrew Entwhistle shows you how to get the most from your game environments.

Download your files here (90MB)

Tutorial: 3D Creature Sculpting

3D creature Sculpting

In this in-depth tutorial you'll learn how to sculpt your model then texture, light and render, before finally compositing to get the best end result.

Download your files and videos here (1.2GB)

Tutorial: Rig plant growth with Houdini

Rig plant growth with Houdini

Johannes Richter shows you how to create procedural plant growth for games and animation, using Houdini.

Download your files here (17.2MB)

Tutorial: Master destruction effects

Create stunning destruction effects with this tutorial


Wayne Hollingsworth from Gnomon explains how to set up robust simulations in Maya and Houdini for the ultimate in destruction effects. 

Download your files and video here (935MB)

Tutorial: Make a Dr Strange style portal

Make Dr Strange style portal effects


Whether you liked Dr Strange or not, you can agree that the visuals were very cool, especially the portal effect. Learn how to use particles to make your own. 

Download your files here (38MB)

Tutorial: Create a GhostRider-style transition

Create a Ghost Rider transition effect in Maya

In this tutorial Syawish A Rehman shows you how to utilise some of Maya's powerful tools to create your own Ghost Rider-style transition effects, complete with peeling skin and flames.

Download your files here (13MB)

Artist Q&A: CG art problems solved

Our CG artists fix your issues

This month our team of artists explains how to use Redshift proxies in Cinema 4D, combine Daz Studio and ZBrush for a powerful workflow, create bubble materials in Blender and also how to speed up your renders in V-Ray.

Download your files and videos here (379MB)