Vine redesign allows easier video search

Vine has quietly revamped its profile pages to improve user experience.

Vine profile redesign

The new profile pages emerged over the weekend

From short-form comedy to showcasing musical talent, Vine's looping six second videos have created a new way to be entertained, distracted, or even become famous.

Launched in 2012, the site is instantly recognisable with its mint green banner. But with such brief content, the site relies on smooth navigation to keep users clicking on one more video. Thankfully that's exactly what Vine's new profile pages achieve.

Whereas Vine's old profile pages spread buttons across the full width of the screen, the new redesign launched over the weekend consolidates all video icons and options into a left-hand-side column for ease of swiping.

Other changes include grouping the profile information into the banner, and placing likes and shares within thumb's reach in the centre of the screen. Going down the rabbit hole of Vine videos just got a whole lot easier.

Old Vine profile

Vine's old profile was dispersed over the width of the screen

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