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Stop-motion animations take Vine to the next level

Launching on iOS this January, Vine has proved incredibly popular and has just hit Android. A platform for anyone to create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way, it's inspired countless designers to create inspirational six-second clips.

One such creative is Ian Padgham - an animator who has taken full advantage of Vine's usability to create striking stop-motion shorts. These aren't just any old offerings - his ability to showcase his talent in just six short seconds is impressive by any means.

Manipulating a small wooden artist's model to create surprisingly humanistic motions, Padgham also shoots 360 degree panoramas. Intrigued by his techniques? You can view a load of 'how to' videos that Padgham has so kindly uploaded.

See more impressive Vines over on Ian Padgham's Vine page.

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